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Generally, dermal fillers are used in eliminating wrinkles and smoothing fine lines on the face. The fillers also add fullness and volume to the skin. In some case, dermal fillers are used in chin and cheek augmentation. When performed by surgeons who have a wealth of experience, the outcome will be a natural-looking face. Due to the high number of doctors and clinics promising extraordinarily results following the treatments, you can rely on dermal filler review. Penang is home to many of the best-rated surgeons performing these procedures.


Ideal candidates for dermal fillers.

You can go for dermal fillers if you want to:

  • Make your lips plump.
  • Soften facial wrinkles and creases.
  • Improve the outlook of recessed facial scars.
  • Reconstruct deformities of facial contours.
  • Remove or decrease lower lid shadow.
  • Enhance any shallow contours.
  • Eliminate early aging signs


In Penang, dermal filler clinics which have received the best reviews when it comes to dermal fillers are:

a) Leh clinic

This clinic has maintained a good rating among its customers due to the high standard cosmetic treatments it offers. It is the only place in Malaysia where you will get international standard services which are minimally invasive.

Side-effects are rarely heard of at Leh clinic because of the conservative treatment plans offered. Besides this, every client gets a free consultation to discuss treatment goals so that a decision can be made on the best way to proceed.

b) Union rejuvenation

this clinic is located at Bukit Mertajam, Penang. It is renown for the high standard cosmetic body and skin treatment offered here. The building that houses Union Rejuvenation is airy, bright and modern. It offers a professional and relaxing ambiance to ensure everyone feels at ease.

Union rejuvenation was established 3 years ago. The professionals working here are highly-skilled and fully-accredited. With the latest technology, you will get the best services to make your skin feel great. The outcome lasts for long too.

c) Regen clinic

This clinic is located in George town. It specializes in general medical aesthetic treatments and cell regenerative services for the scalp, knee, and face. It was established in 2015 and throughout the time it has been in operation it has received impressive reviews.

Dermal filler treatment is offered using the latest medical technology. It is one of the clinics in Penang where you get 100% guarantee on every cent you spent here.

d) Klinik Loh surgery

This clinic has been providing aesthetic and cosmetic services for the last 25 years. It was founded by Dr. Loh Ly Soon who is a specialist in aesthetic practices. ACR(Autologous cellular rejuvenation) technique is used for dermal filling. This has contributed to the great dermal filler review the clinic boasts.


e) Estee clinic

This is one of the clinics in Penang that receives a high number of international clients looking for cosmetic treatments. For the 17 years, it has been in practice, Estee clinic has received nothing but praise. The dermal filler cost at this clinic is low compared to the US and Australia.

One of the simplest and sure way to determine the credibility of the clinic you have selected is through dermal filler review. Penang has the highest number of well rated clinics offering this procedure. To start your journey towards a naturally looking younger and healthy skin, contact medical departures today.

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