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We know you can only get so much from a facelift review. San Jose is something you have to experience yourself—especially their facelift procedures that cost much, much lesser than the ones in your home country. And that’s just one reason why you should get a facelift in San Jose, Costa Rica—and Medical Departures is about to give four more!

So if you need a little bit more of convincing to have a permanently youthful face on your vacation, read about the 5 reasons to get your facelift in San Jose!

  1. The inexpensive price of the facelift

As we’ve said before, the price of the facelift in San Jose is unbelievably affordable—but you must wonder just how much is their facelift price? San Jose offers an incredible discount. You’ll be able to spend just a mere fraction of the amount that you would otherwise find in local clinics at home.

We assure you that in San Jose, the quality of the procedures are just as high-quality and secure in any other local clinics at home.





















  1. The high-quality facelift procedure

The facelift is a surgical cosmetic enhancement that aims to remove the visible signs of aging in the face. It removes sagging skin, lines and creases and jowls. It involves incisions by the border of face, starting up on the hair line then down to the lower scalp.

Basically, in a facelift, the skin is literally lifted and excised to create a younger, tauter effect on the face. The procedure is otherwise known as rhytidectomy.

  1. Check out our Medical Departures verified clinics

In San Jose, you’ll be able to find three clinics that have successfully undergone our test and examinations for clinical efficiency and quality services, such as.

Each of these clinics practices proper hygiene in their daily procedures, have an array of updated equipment and employs the best and highly-qualified surgeons and staff to give high-quality procedures such as the facelift. In any of these clinics, you can expect a high-quality, smooth and secure facelift procedure.

  1. The exclusive Medical Departures promotions!

Available in the three clinics are our exclusive promotions that will help you cut down costs even further for your procedure and recovery vacation.

Take advantage of these promotions that are available in all three clinics in San Jose:

  1. San Jose itself!

Of course, let’s not forget about having fun while in San Jose, Costa Rica . There amazing things to see in San Jose, like the marvelous Arenal Volcano, or preserved natural beauty in the INBio Park. Or you could see San Jose’s contemporary art scene in the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design or experience San Jose in their numerous museum of history and Costa Rican culture.

So there you go—we’ve given you 5 reasons to ponder on for your next vacation. We hope that with this facelift review, San Jose is a clearer picture for you to envision your facelift surgery. Don’t ponder too long and come book you facelift with us at Medical Departures.

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