Finding a Doctor with the Best Chin Augmentation Review – Tijuana, Mexico


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When we do our research regarding the medical and cosmetic tourism industry, our main focus is always on the best clinics. Indeed, at Medical Departures, we have sourced some of the cheapest options from across the globe for medical treatments such as Chin Augmentation in low-cost regions such as Mexico. We should also look toward finding a doctor with the best chin augmentation review Tijuana has to offer.

At Medical Departures, our main focus is to find you the best choice of doctors and cosmetic treatment centers in the world that offer the most competitive prices. With so many people searching overseas for their medical and cosmetic treatments, places such as Tijuana in Mexico are becoming the most visited destinations for Americans and Canadians who seek a cheap chin augmentation price.

As mentioned above, we usually focus more on the clinics, but who are the surgeons behind the clinics who perform these amazing treatments for such low prices? If you are looking for a doctor with the best chin augmentation review, Tijuana has one of the best in the business – Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel.


Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel

When you want to find the doctor in Tijuana with the best chin augmentation review, Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel really is one of the best. With more than 17-years’ experience of not only operating in the industry, but also taking care of international clients, Dr. Ricardo is rightly revered for his excellence across the board. This highly-skilled surgeon always visits conventions and symposiums across the world to learn about the latest advancements in the industry to ensure he is one step ahead of the game, and his competition.

When you seek a doctor with the best chin augmentation review Tijuana has to offer, not many can compete with Dr. Ricardo. Make sure you are in the hands of experts when having your treatments performed.

Chin Augmentation Price

Price is one of the main reasons why people opt to visit Tijuana Clinics for chin augmentation. For Americans, especially those living in California, Mexico is just a hop, skip and a jump from home, making it a convenient option. And with cosmetic treatment prices that are on average 65% cheaper than America and Canada, it is no wonder that so many people make the trip.

If you are looking for an affordable chin augmentation price, here are the prices at Dr. Ricardo’s clinic in Tijuana: US $4000 (CAN $5,121; UK £3,092; Euro €3,550; Aus $5,172; NZ $5,513).

If you live in America, Canada or even Europe and seek a doctor with the best chin augmentation review, Tijuana is home to the highly-skilled and talented Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel. His prices are vastly cheaper than over the border in California, even though his treatments are performed to the highest possible standards. When you seek cheaper alternatives for chin augmentation treatments, researching about Tijuana or Mexico as a whole will lead to some very nice surprises indeed!