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Breast enlargement in Thailand will give the bigger and more voluptuous breasts that you want. You may have small breasts that you wish were bigger, or your breasts may have lost volume due to pregnancy and childbirth – or you may just want a more curvaceous figure. While you can achieve a temporary size increase by wearing padded bras, these work only when you are wearing clothes. You may not be able to braless or show off a cleavage. Breast enhancement is the only way you get an increase in size and more natural looking breasts that you can flaunt.

Are implants the only option?

Breast enlargement is a permanent solution to give you bigger breasts. You can select from a range of options for your implants in terms of saline or silicone implants as also different shapes and sizes and even brands that are available. The plastic surgeon will advise you as to which kind will be suitable for you, depending on what your goals are.

Apart from plastic surgery for breast enlargement in Thailand you can also opt for an increase in size using fat from your own body. This is known as autologous fat transfer. This process removes fat via liposuction from your abdomen, hips or other places where there may be excess, refines it and then injects it into the breasts. However, while this does not involve complex surgery, as the some of the fat may be reabsorbed by the body over time, you may need further top-up treatments. It is also not suitable for women who are thin all-over and have no excess fat that can be removed.

Recommended cosmetic clinics in Thailand

Medical Departures lists clinics that we have verified and checked. We also offer the best price guarantee. Among our recommended clinics are:

KTOP Clinic – you can opt for breast enlargement of any kind at KTOP Clinic, located in Bangkok. It offers a full range of cosmetic surgeries and treatments. The clinic also provides interpreter services and Skype consultations.

Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre – the clinic is located in Bangkok and is a one-stop shop for all kinds of plastic surgeries and non-invasive cosmetic treatments. The clinic uses the latest technology and devices to help you achieve your plastic surgery goals.

You can select from these or any of the quality checked clinics listed on our site.

What is the cost of breast enlargement in Thailand?

In a western country, breast enlargement will cost around AUD15,300 (NZD16,620, £8,897, €10,556, US$11,500, CAD15,777). As medical treatment in Thailand is reasonably priced, you would pay an average of AUD6,650 (NZD7,225, £3,868, €4,590 US$5,000, CAD6,860) at a high quality medical facility with fully trained and experienced plastic surgeons.

You can add the cost of travel, stay and other expenses and still save a great deal. Besides you also get to enjoy a different culture and ambience and have a holiday in Thailand.

Book with Medical Departures for breast enlargement in Thailand and you will soon be able to show off a better figure.


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