You can get rid of tired, damaged and blemished skin to reveal new, clearer skin to make you look more youthful.

Skin damage happens due to a number of environmental factors (like sun exposure), bad habits (like smoking) and just plain old genetics. Maintaining a nutritious diet will certainly help your body to maintain healthy skin and protecting it with moisturizers and creams will also play their part. However, sometimes, your skin needs a little bit of a boost to make it look its best, and that’s what a chemical peel will do.

How Does A Chemical Peel Work?

There are actually three different chemical peel strengths. Mild (superficial) and moderate (medium) peels can be carried out in a beauty clinic and contain mildly abrasive acids which gently remove the outer layer(s) of skin. However, the deep chemical peel, aka the surgical peel, is more akin to a facelift and should only be carried out by a qualified and experienced doctor in an operating theatre. The former, milder peels are meant to be carried out regularly to maintain a healthy glow, whereas the latter is a once-only procedure which will take around 10 years off the age of your face, just like a facelift.


What is the Cost of a Chemical Peel in Bali?

The chemical peel cost in Bali is a fraction of the price you’ll pay at home:



NZ $

UK £


US $


Mild/Moderate Chemical Peel Cost – Home







Mild/Moderate Chemical Peel Cost – Bali







Why are the Prices so Low?

The prices are lower in Bali simply because the cost of living is lower than it is at home. Thus, clinic overheads, such as rent, rates, utilities, staff wages and materials are all less, which means you pocket the savings. Plus, there is healthy competition for medical tourists, which also keeps prices competitive and, more importantly, standards high.

How Should I Choose a Good Clinic?

Obviously, at home, you’d probably go by recommendations from friends and family. Or, failing that, some online reviews. It’s a little different when you’re abroad as you don’t have friends and family to ask. However, there are some ways of ensuring you choose a good clinic, but it involves doing a little research.

You should look online to find out information about the clinic. When was it opened? How many staff does it employ? Who is the medical director? What are their medical qualifications? Do they have specializatons? Do they have professional memberships? Does the clinic look hygienic? Do they follow world-renowned protocols on health and safety?

There’s a lot more to choosing a clinic than meets the eye. But, Medical Departures’ streamlines the process as we’ve already undertaken background checks, and you can see details of doctor qualifications, their professional memberships, prices and much more on our website, making it easy for you to find good-quality clinics, like Nu-Mi Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic , and book an appointment online.

The Bottom Line

Get in touch with our Customer Care Team to find out more about a chemical peel in Bali and give your skin a lift while you’re on holiday.