How affordable is the breast lift cost in Mexicali?


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Where’s Mexicali?

Mexicali is a city on the US-Mexican border. It is a high point of medical services as the city provides more affordable medical and dental services such as inexpensive breast lift prices. Mexicali attracts patients from both sides of the border with its quality medical care, as well as the tourist attractions the city prides itself with, like the Museo Sol de Nino, Centro Estatal de las Artes, and the Casa de la Cultura

What exactly are breast lifts?

Also known as mastopexy, breast lifts are a cosmetic, surgical procedure that lifts the breasts by cutting off excess skin and tightening tissues to reshape the breast’s form. The procedure addresses common breast problems such as sagging, unsatisfactory breast size, as well as oversized nipples. Breast lifts often go hand in hand with other breast enhancements procedures such as breast augmentations and reduction.

What is involved with the breast lift procedure?

The following could be expected during a breast lift procedure:

1. An anaesthetic is administered;

2. Incisions are made in certain patterns, depending on the surgeon’s assessment. The incisions may be around the areola, trailing vertically down to the under fold of the breast; around the areola, and down and along the breast fold; or simply around the areola alone.

3. Excess skin and breast tissues are lifted or excised; nipples and the areolas are lifted or reduced.

4. Sutures, or medical adhesive are then applied on to the incisions.

How much are breast lift procedures?

Prices for breast lifts vary from place to place, so have a look on the table below for the average cost of the procedures from other places around the globe.


























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