How big are the savings on plastic surgery in Guadalajara?


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procedures but could not afford their overpriced local clinics, especially from American patients. The current state of medical care services in the U.S is at its worst, having overpriced rates for plastic surgeries by the thousands. This had led to many Americans resorting to medical tourism, and if you are considering going abroad for your plastic surgery procedure of choice, you might want to consider Guadalajara.

5 Ways for Americans to save big on plastic surgery in Guadalajara?

1. On average prices for plastic surgery, how much can I save for my plastic surgery procedure?

With Guadalajara’s extensive drops in medical service costs, Medical Departures assures Americans out there that the prices you see in clinics in the U.S are nowhere near the prices in Guadalajara. Americans will be able to save quite a lot from a medical tour in Guadalajara for sure. Some random examples to demonstrate the huge savings:

Breast Augmentation US$11,829.00 against US$ 3,668.00 Save US$ 8,161.00 This is a saving of 69%

Eyebrow Lift US$ 6,747.00 against US$ 1,590.00 Save US$ 5,157.00 This is a saving of 76.5%

Face Lift US$18.033.00 against US$ 4,785.00 Save US$ 13,248.00 This is a saving of 73.5%

Tummy Tuck US$ 8,264.00 against US$ 3,184.00 Save US$ 5,080.00 This is a saving of 61.5%

The list goes on!

2. Medical Departures recommend these clinics for your plastic surgery

For your plastic surgery of choice, Medical Departures have these five clinics to recommend:

All these clinics are Medical Departures verified, meaning they have undergone extensive examinations and background checks by our Medical Departures team. On-site visits and quality testing are part of the procedure to determine excellence in service. So, you’ll be able to have a secure and safe procedure in Guadalajara.

3. Fully understand what benefits plastic surgery offer?

Plastic surgery is a specialized form of surgery that aims to restore, or reconstruct parts of the body that are malformed or otherwise maimed due to various reasons (burns, hereditary malformations.) This particular objective defines a branch of plastic surgery called reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery, however, can also be a way of improving one’s aesthetic. This is the branch called cosmetic surgery, where the main focus of the procedures is to improve appearance. Breast augmentations and facelifts are examples of plastic cosmetic surgery.

4. Make use of the Medical Departures exclusive promotions are on offer making prices even more affordable?

No Worries Warranty - Jenny Bracamontes Blanco

No Worries Warranty - Juan Gordillo

No Worries Warranty - Dr. Patricia Sanchez

And at all our 5 recommended facilities are:

US Veterans 10% discount

Remembrance day

5. Enjoy your savings and explore the area!

Guadalajara is a famous alternative, if not preferred choice, to the stressful hustle and bustle of Mexico City. In Guadalajara, you can experience the authentic Mexican holiday complete with mariachi bands, tacos, and tequilas. The unpopulated, spacious city offers a relaxing urban atmosphere. In this idyllic Mexican city, you’ll lack nothing in your medical holiday for sure.

The affordable plastic surgery price in Guadalajara will surely make Americans sigh in relief; if you didn’t think accessible medical services existed, well think again—Guadalajara has more than one quality clinics for your plastic surgery needs. So, book with us now at Medical Departures!


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