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Clinically known as ‘augmentation mammoplasty’, breast augmentation is defined as the process of increasing the size of the breast or restoring its lost volume. Some hospitals and clinics charge a high fee for this procedure but patients have a new option available to obtain a very reasonable breast augmentation cost. Chiangmai is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery destinations in the world offering treatments and procedures at extremely affordable rates.

There are so many reasons to visit Chiangmai and undergo breast augmentation. Clinics in Chiangmai have some of the best medical practitioners in the world. Moreover, the city is in accessible and has a very interesting culture for patients to enjoy before and after the procedure.

Rose Clinic Chiangmai is a specialized facility in rhinoplasty offering procedures such as nose implant, nose fixing, eyelid surgery, lips reduction and chin augmentation in their modern clinic.

What is more interesting about Rose Clinic are the innovative procedures they offer such as stem cells. This ‘patented’ technique is used for regeneration and rejuvenation. The clinic also performs aesthetic surgeries including the following:

  • breast augmentation and reduction
  • eyelid surgery
  • face lift
  • liposuction
  • nose job
  • facial contouring

The clinic also uses less invasive procedures such as Botox, laser resurfacing, fillers and other dermatological processes. The medical staff is very careful when performing these procedures. In fact, they do not perform solo procedures in order to avoid possible mistakes. Working teams are required to work as a dedicated team to ensure accurate and error-free medical procedures.

DIAA Aesthetic Clinic can be found in Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand. The clinic provides a wide range and selection of procedures in body contouring and facial design. These include ultherapy, fillers, fat transfer, skin rejuvenation and liposuction.

The highly trained and dedicated medical staff is updated with the latest medical techniques to provide the best medical care and services to the patients. Among the great services that the clinic offers to make their patients live a better and healthier life is fillers, fat transfer, liposuction ultherapy and skin rejuvenation.

Looking at the prices charges for this procedure, patients will immediately notice the huge savings in the breast augmentation costs when having the procedure in Thailand.



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Many patients from different parts of the world have experienced the excellent medical services treatments and services in many clinics located in Chiang Mai, which is why we at Medical Departures publish breast augmentation reviews from former clients. Here’s one positive remark from, Siriluck Leethiwong:

“Usually,I'm scared about getting surgery but I want to be more beautiful. Finally, I decided to get the surgery here. The result comes out perfectly. It wasn't hurt as I thought. My nose job is perfect. I’m so Thankful.”

What makes Chiang Mai a great choice for your breast augmentation?

When it comes to credibility coupled with the modern surgical techniques and equipment used by surgeons, Chiang Mai is definitely one of the best in the world, especially if a particular concern of yours is your breast augmentation cost. Chiangmai offers the same high standard of medical services that expensive clinics in the UK, New Zealand and Australia offer their patients, but for considerably less.

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