Make Sure You Get A Good Clinic For Dermal Fillers In The Philippines


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That's why we have created this guide to help you select a reliable one. So, have a read of our key steps so that you get high quality and low priced treatment.

1. Read Clinic Reviews

Possibly the best way to determine if a location is reliable is to read a dermal filler review. Philippines clinics have had many western patients visit, with many of them leaving reviews, including on our website. This gives firsthand insight into the quality of the service you will receive.

2. Check The Qualifications Of The Cosmetic Professionals

The doctor or cosmetic professional who administers the dermal fillers should be qualified and experienced. Most clinics display their medical team's qualifications online, as well as their experience, and memberships to medical associations. You will find this to be the case with our verified clinics anyway.

3. Make Sure The Clinic Is Up To Date

You want to pick a clinic that is modern and equipped with the latest medical equipment. It should also be clean and spacious so that you are comfortable the entire time. Have a look at pictures of the clinic on their website to make sure the facility is with current times and not stuck in the past.



4. Don't Forget About The Prices

You will find that you can visit a reliable clinic and save heaps on dermal fillers. This is because the Philippines is a very affordable country which makes for comparatively cheap medical services. You will find that in Australia and New Zealand dermal fillers cost around $500-$2,000AUD/NZD depending on the brand and the amount needed. In the Philippines, you only need to pay around $50-$400AUD/NZD. Most patients find that they save a few hundred dollars, while those that require more comprehensive treatment can save thousands.

Many patients that get dermal fillers also opt for Botox as well, because each treatment achieves different effects. By getting Botox in the Philippines as well, you can save even more.

5. Let Us Do Some Of The Work For You

We have many varied clinics on our website that have been extensively background-checked. These include the Aivee Clinic and Body Accents in Manila, and the AOS Plastic Clinic in Cebu. Our comprehensive process makes sure the clinics are reliable, modern, and staffed by top cosmetic teams.We verify qualifications and medical licenses, interview patients, and undertake a site visit.


We hope this information has been useful and you are now ready to get some dermal filler treatment. Philippines clinics will allow you to overhaul your appearance and save some handy cash. That's why we recommend doing your research thoroughly and then booking a consultation for when you arrive in the country.

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