How To Save on Plastic Surgery at Bangkok’s Sib Clinic Bangna


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When we talk about cosmetic surgery, one of the main reasons why people are often hesitant is the cost. And to be fair, it’s a reasonable concern. Would you still go through with your breast augmentation if you knew that this would mean emptying your long term savings? Would you still have that body lift if it meant going bankrupt for a few months? Would you still get that tummy tuck if it meant not being able to provide for your family? Luckily, you don’t have to answer these questions because at Sib Clinic Bangna , cost will never be one of your concerns. The Thai clinic is known to be one of the top and the most affordable cosmetic clinics in Bangkok.

Amazing Prices for Common Cosmetic Procedures

Medical Departures patients have been able to save more than 50% on their breast augmentation prices according to our Sib clinic review.

Prices start at AUD 2,994 (NZD 3,213; USD 2,259; CAD 3,049; EUR 2,106; GBP 1,764) compared to AUD 15,680 (NZD 16,623; USD 11,829; CAD 15,966; EUR 11,029; GBP 9,236) in Australia and New Zealand.

For procedures such as a facelift, you only get to spend AUD 5,990 (NZD 6,427; USD 4,519; CAD 6,100; EUR 4,213; GBP 3,529) which is comparably cheaper than the western prices of AUD 23,904 (NZD 25,645; USD 18,033; CAD 24,340; EUR 16,813; GBP 14,081) for the same procedure.


Saving Even Bigger with Medical Departures

Working with Medical Departures guarantees you the best prices, regardless of the cosmetic procedure. Our clinics offer excellent care at an affordable price, and these are the best prices you’ll find on the market, especially compared to Western countries. More, our prices come with no hidden fees, which means the price you see is the price you pay, and the payment is made directly to the clinic (there are different payment methods available, at the clinic’s discretion). The Sib clinic cost is essentially what is indicated on our website, and may change according to the variant of each procedure that you choose (for instance, if you want breast implants, the price might vary according to the type of implants, and this can also be openly discussed with your cosmetic surgeon). Particularly for breast procedures at the Sib clinic, before and after pictures are available to give you an idea of the results to expect.

Plastic surgery in Bangkok is now made affordable for you at the Sib Clinic Bangna. Cost of common procedures such as body lift, breast augmentation or tummy tuck is considerably lower than what you’d have to pay for the same procedures in Australia and New Zealand, so more savings for you! Get in touch with our Customer Service Team today to find out how you, like many of our other Medical Departures patients, can save big on your next plastic surgery procedure.