Looking at locations for Double Eyelid Surgery? Review Guadalajara.


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When it comes to facial cosmetic enhancements, there is nowhere else you would rather be than Guadalajara. Review our eyelid surgery clinics to see what we mean.

Why Guadalajara?

In the table below, you will see what the double eyelid surgery price Guadalajara offers is, compared to elsewhere.



























What’s in Guadalajara?

Guadalajara rivals Mexico City when it comes to affordable accommodation, cultural and historical sites, urban comfort, and beach accessibility—pretty much everything you need in your Mexican holiday. With the affordability of almost everything in Guadalajara, you are assured to stay on track with your holiday budget, even after your double eyelid surgery!

What’s Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double Eyelid Surgery , which is also known as Asian blepharoplasty, is a surgical cosmetic procedure that creates a crease on the eyelid for those who lack this feature. By going through this procedure, the eyes are enhanced, looking bigger than they once were, and projects a less tired look. This type of procedure usually accommodates patients of Asian descent.

How is the Double Eyelid Surgery done?

Double Eyelid Surgery can be performed by two different methods:

Incisional – involves incisions on the eyelid, removal of excess fat, muscle, and skin. The surgeon removes and reconfigures the entire tissue of the eyelid.

Non-incisional – involves sutures sewn on the eyelids to create the creases on the eyelid. No incisions are made, and the eyelid can be reverted back to its original state prior to the procedure.

Here are some great Medical Departures recommended clinics!

Juan Gordillo and his team provide a safe, secure environment for your cosmetic surgical procedures. They offer services such as cosmetic surgery for the face and body, tummy, butt, thighs, and breasts. Juan Gordillo has years of practice and expertise in surgical cosmetic treatment; in his clinic, you are in good hands. Avail these exclusive promotions they offer from Medical Departures!

Dr. Juan David Florez Lopez specializes in medical, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Juan David Florez Lopez belongs to the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery, the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, making him more than capable of delivering your cosmetic surgical needs! Available at this clinic is the exclusive Medical Departures promotion:

With this double eyelid surgery review, Guadalajara seems so much more appealing than it was once for you, wasn’t it? Have your eyelid crease and look years younger and more relaxed by booking through Medical Departures!

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