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Making the right choices in any department of your life can be a difficult affair. When it comes to saving money on medical and cosmetic treatments, we have a right to be concerned and careful with our decisions.

Choosing the Right Path

Are you an American who has become tired with the high prices for cosmetic treatments in the USA? You are not alone. The trend at this moment in time is for Americans to fly abroad for all manner of cosmetic procedures – and the first place to start the search for a good clinic is likely to be online.

The important thing to remember when we are researching online to find an affordable double eyelid surgery cost is that we need to find clinics in Cancun that operate to the highest standards to compliment those low prices.

Finding Double Eyelid Clinics

Did you know that double eyelid surgery (Asian Blepharoplasty), is much different from the Western variety? In the West, double eyelid surgery is basically a cosmetic treatment that deals with anti-ageing, but in Eastern Asia, it is a very popular procedure that is much more to do with aesthetics. If you look closely, around 50% of Eastern Asian do not have a crease in their upper eyelids. Asian Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to reshape the skin around the eye to create that crease (a double eyelid). This is the most popular cosmetic treatment in South Korea and Taiwan.


At Medical Departures, we are a medical tourism website that has researched all the best places in the world for low-cost treatments to bring you the cheapest possible options while adhering to high international values.

We have read all a double eyelid surgery review in Cancun for all the major clinics by former patients to find you the most respected surgeons and clinics in the region. Here is our list of highly recommended treatment centers in Cancun:

Luz del Carmen Lopez

Sculpting Medicina Estetica

Dr Nain Maldonado

The price for double eyelid surgery in Cancun is one of the cheapest in the world and with those above-mentioned clinics you can get the best of both worlds. Here is an example of the prices you can expect to pay for double eyelid treatments in Mexico: US $1000 (CAN $1,220; UK £735; Euro €837; Aus $1,246; NZ $1,367), compared to the prices in the US $4,000 (CAN $4,870; UK £2,940; Euro €3,340; Aus $4,980; NZ $5,473).

Take your time to read our double eyelid surgery clinics reviews in Cancun at Medical Departures to find some of the most affordable and highest quality treatments in the world.

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