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Where can patients get the best neck lift cost? Mexico and its clinics will allow you to enjoy the results at a very affordable price.

Neck lift surgery may differ depending on what additional procedures are required to produce the best outcome for the patient. Needless to say this could influence the total neck lift cost. Mexico offers prices so low that any additional procedure costs will still allow international patients to save quite a bit.

The average time for a neck lift surgery is 2 hours. This depends on the particular circumstances of each patient. During the procedure, excess tissues and fats are removed, trimmed away and stitched in place.

Mexico is a leading center for medical tourism with plenty of facilities that offer a neck lift. Clinics are modern and equipped with the latest technologies, as well as having highly-trained and qualified neck lift surgeons deliver top-quality services to local and international patients.

It is important for patients to thoroughly research the clinic they select. Medical Departures ensure that the clinics we recommended are registered and provide only the best medical treatments.

Medical Departures can help you find the most suitable facility in Mexico for your neck lift surgery with our comprehensive listings. You can search by location for your neck lift, review patient testimonials and compare prices, as well as check out neck lift before and after photos - all in one place.

Jenny Bacamontes Blanco offers medical treatments such as neck lift, liposuction and clitoropexy. She specializes in cosmetic treatments that fundamentally produce a better-looking you. She has a clinic located in the Innovare Cirugia hospital for aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Doctors and specialists based in the Hospital De La Familia offer safe medical treatments and high quality procedures such as arm lifts, neck lifts and liposuction. The staff utilize the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technologies.


Rediscover a younger looking you with Ricardo Vega Montiel . It is highly regarded in Mexico as an excellent medical care provider offer exceptionally affordable prices for their treatments.

Luis Hector Torres Lopez specializes in treatments that aim at maintaining and improving the patient’s natural beauty. The clinic offers surgical body and facial treatments. Surgical treatments offered are facial surgery, such as lip augmentation and neck lift. The medical and surgical staff assist patients in achieving their perfect body.

Clinica Ambar promotes cosmetic procedures and treatments to help patients achieve the looks they desire. These treatments include thigh lift, neck lift, labiaplasty and breast lift. They also offer also offer reconstructive surgery and male aesthetic surgery options.

However, how much does a neck lift cost? The price you pay for your neck lift can also be greatly reduced if you opt to have surgery overseas. Below is an example price estimates for comparison.







$ 10,735.00

$ 14,110.00

$ 13,525.00


$ 4,900.00

$ 6,175.00

$ 6,182.00







Now you know how much you can save on your neck lift cost, Mexico beckons.

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