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As a person ages, the tissue in the arms lowers and because of weight loss, the skin starts to sag. This has been a big problem for most people especially women. The skin that has been stretched by age might not be revived through exercise alone. Arm lift surgery can address the problem. If you are one of those who suffer from sagging skin, look for the best clinics that provide arm lift procedures. One particular tip we can give you is to read a Clinica Ambar review because this will help you get to know a fantastic facility providing arm lift procedures.

Looking for an affordable procedure? Look at the offer from Clinica Ambar! Price for a plastic surgery is inexpensive and they currently offer the fantastic Medical Departures’ No Worries Warranty. Generally, patients save up to half of what international clinics charge. Yes! You read it right! 50% is what you can save. This means that you can actually use the saved money for something else. Here is a sample price comparison of the services here in Mexico and compared to other countries.







$ ,700.00

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With our help at Medical Departures patients will be able to get an idea of what the treatments at Clinica Ambar cost and how effective the treatments are. We can also walk you through the entire process, starting with finding a clinic, booking an appointment up to taking a safe trip abroad . All of these services are free! If you still have questions, do not hesitate to use our help desk.

There are a lot of cosmetic procedures being offered in Clinica Ambar. Plastic surgery like Arm lift, Thigh Lift and Breast Augmentation are among the ones in high demand by international patients.

An Arm Lift procedure removes excess skin and reduces the overall circumference of the arm. Before taking the surgery, your surgeon will give you details and establish how exactly you would possibly look like after the procedure. There are three ways of operating this procedure:

  • Standard brachioplasty –This removes excess skin and fatty tissues from armpit to elbow. The remaining skin is pulled tight and stitched.
  • Limited incision brachioplasty – For lose skin only, the surgeon makes an incision below the armpit, removes the skin and pulls the rest up tight toward the armpit and stitches it in place.
  • Extended brachioplasty – This is used if you have fatty tissue extending into the side of the chest wall, and the standard incision is extended to include this area.

There is a way for customers to clearly see the differences after taking a treatment in Clinica Ambar. Before and after pictures help potential clients decide whether the services match the results they are expecting. You can easily determine the quality of the work. Look at the pictures and know the difference.

Why do patients needing plastic surgery or more specifically an arm lift have to read an Clinica Ambar review, look at the before and after photos, get a free quote and ensure that the facility has verified and reliable surgeons? At Medical Departures we do all this as part of our commitment to our patients!

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