Things You Need to Know about Lip Enhancement in Bangkok


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Lip enhancement in Bangkok enables you to counter the effects of aging on your lips, or helps you enhance naturally thin lips. Aging loosens the skin, and the upper lips become thinner. With lip enhancement surgery, you can get rid of loose or excess skin and reposition your lips to achieve a youthful appearance. You can also combine this procedure with Botox fillers to enhance your facial aesthetics.

Lip Enhancement: Before and After

Lip augmentation is an outpatient procedure under mild local anesthesia. The surgery usually takes two hours. However, the time for surgery depends on the complexity and the amount of work required.

But even before you go under the knife, you need to see whether you are a candidate or not. Consult with an accredited or certified plastic surgeon and discuss your specific needs. Your surgeon will review your pictures as well as your medical history, and he will make recommendations based on your surgery goals and the anatomy of your lips.

You should also ask for before and after pictures of previous patients from your surgeon. For one thing, this will help you determine the track record of your surgeon in delivering positive results. Secondly, viewing these pictures will help you make realistic expectations from your own surgery.


Hence, you will have a clear idea of the results you can get from lip enhancement. Before and after images are important. Ask for these images if not already provided and ignore any clinic that does not offer the photos.

The Best Lip Enhancement Price Bangkok Can Offer

Cost is the primary reason why you should consider travelling to Bangkok for lip enhancement. In Bangkok, you will come across numerous clinics that offer the procedure at a low price. The average cost of the procedure in Australia and New Zealand is high, with the price around AUD $3,800 (NZD $4,207). In comparison, the top clinics offer great savings, including

As you can see, even the most expensive clinics charge you less than the price you would have to bear at an average clinic Down Under. In fact, the price given above is the average price. Rest assured the low prices aren’t due to a lack of quality. The main reasons is that it costs much less to run a clinic in Bangkok than it does in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Enjoy a Mini Vacation

As you can get the procedure for less than 20% of the cost you would bear back home, you can have a nice in Bangkok. Bangkok is a popular tourist destination; you will find a wide range of attractions and sights that you will love. Plus, you have access to all the hotels, malls, and restaurants you could want to enjoy your trip.

All in all, lip enhancement in Bangkok is a viable option. You will not only save money but get the chance to explore one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

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