Top tips for a speedy recovery from tummy tuck surgery in Tijuana


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1. Choose the Right Clinic

When you book at one of our partner clinics through Medical Departures, you have the reassurance that the clinic you are visiting is world-class. Every clinic we refer clients to practices the highest level of hygiene and safety up to international standards.

Our Tijuana clinics meet or exceed the performance you would find anywhere in America or Canada at a fraction of the cost:

Western Average

$8,264 USD ($10,954 AUD, $11,753 NZD, $11,154 CAD, €7,705 EUR, £6,453 GBP)

Advanced Health Medical Center

$5,300 USD ($7,025 AUD, $7,537 NZD, $7,154 CAD, €4,941 EUR, £4,138 GBP)

Cammel Plastic Surgery

$4,900 USD ($6,495 AUD, $6,968 NZD, $6,614 CAD, €4,569 EUR, £3,826 GBP)

Molding Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Center

$4,025 USD ($5,335 AUD, $5,724 NZD, $5,433 CAD, €3,753 EUR, £3,143 GBP)


2. Use Our Medical Departures Resources to Inform Your Decision

When you visit the clinic profiles linked above, you’ll find all the information you need to make the best decision: surgeon educational backgrounds and accreditations, virtual tours of the facilities, tummy tuck before and after pictures, individualized price quotes, and our friendly online staff always available to answer your questions.

3. Ask Every Possible Question When You Consult with Your Surgeon

Our Medical Departures partner clinics have all English-speaking staff and surgeons. They consult with each client extensively prior to proceeding with the tummy tuck operation. Use that opportunity to put your mind at ease and feel assured that you’re ready for everything to come.

3. Be Prepared to Take It Easy

According to WebMD’s guide to tummy tuck recovery , “ Your bed will be positioned to keep your upper body slightly raised and your knees at an angle for the first few days after surgery. Members of your health care team will also help you walk as early as the first day after a tummy tuck to help prevent the formation of blood clots.”

You’ll want to give yourself at least six weeks to heal from the surgery. Our partner clinic surgeons and staff are expert tummy tuck providers: they’ll give you the best recovery advice available tailored to your individual needs.

4. Make Arrangements for Help to Ensure a Safe Recovery

It’s ideal to have a friend or loved available for several weeks to help with day-to-day activities until you regain full functional ability. It’s okay to ask for help!

We hope this Tummy Tuck Hospitals List (Tijuana Edition) has been helpful. We wish you the best, fastest recovery possible. When you book your stay through us, you will experience the highest level of support from both Medical Departures and our partner clinics’ staff. We prioritize our clients’ well-being – take advantage of our services to guarantee the best possible results for your tummy tuck!