Top tips for finding a good clinic for your mommy makeover in Bangkok


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Having babies takes a toll on your body. Apart from looseness in the tummy, you may have sagging breasts that may have become bigger or smaller and even some fat deposits that you seem unable to get rid of. If you are thinking of affordable plastic surgery then mommy makeover plastic surgery in Bangkok fits the bill.

You can have a great holiday in this exotic location and have inexpensive plastic surgery as well. In case you wonder about the quality of medical treatment and doctor qualifications, set your apprehensions at rest. Thailand has a rigorous medical education system in place that all doctors have to go through. Additionally many doctors may have international affiliations and many medical centers are JCI accredited as well.

Top tips for finding a good clinic for your mommy makeover in Bangkok

Are you looking for reasons to go to Bangkok for your mommy makeover? Here are some tips to help you find a good clinic for your surgery:

  • Spend some time in front of a computing device and check out details of different clinics in the city. You will find that some clinics keep on coming up repeatedly.

  • Check the websites of the clinic – you will be able to gauge the quality of information that they have put on their site.

  • Have a look at the pictures of the clinic, the rooms and operation theatres. This will give you an idea of the ambience.

  • Go through details of the qualifications of the doctors to make sure that they are appropriately qualified.

  • Look at before and after pictures of mommy makeover as well as real experiences of real patients. Seeing mommy makeover reviews in Bangkok will help you make up your mind.

  • Make sure you are comfortable with the pricing structure and that the clinics are offering transparent pricing.

When you are comfortable with all these aspects you can communicate with the clinics to learn more and also see if you can have a virtual consultation with the doctor. You can also take a shortcut and simply book via Medical Departures’ website. That is because we carry out various safety checks regarding the quality of care available at the clinics, check the background and qualifications of the doctors, carry real patient reviews and also offer the best price guarantee.

Top mommy makeover clinics in Bangkok and the price of the procedure

Among the highly recommended mommy makeover plastic surgery clinics in Bangkok are:

Yanhee Hospital Health & Beauty – a JCI accredited multi specialty hospital with a dedicated plastic surgery department.

Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre – this clinic does all kinds of plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments.

KTOP Clinic – the Bangkok branch of an extremely popular South Korean plastic surgery hospital.

Depending on the number and kind of surgeries you have, mommy makeover can start around AUD9,000 or NZD9,415 at a top-notch medical facility in Bangkok. In Australia and New Zealand the package can cost you around AU$18,600 or NZD19,464.

Book your appointment with Medical Departures for your mommy makeover plastic surgery in Bangkok at an affordable price.

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