Top Tips on Getting Plastic Surgery in Bali


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Make Your Bali Plastic Surgery Experience More Convenient With These Effective Tips

It’s not every day that you travel all the way to Bali, Indonesia for plastic surgery. Medical tourism is all about getting the best medical care at affordable prices while enjoying a vacation as well. So it makes sense that you try to make the best out of your Bali plastic surgery experience. We have put together a helpful list of the best tips to help you in this regard.

#1 Do Your Research

One of the first things you need to do before signing up for surgery in Bali is doing some research about the procedure. Since you are travelling to a foreign land, being aware of your procedure will be especially helpful. In addition to reading online reviews, you can find someone who has already been on a medical holiday to Bali and ask about their experience. It will also be beneficial if you can ask for referrals for the best doctors, hospitals, and hotels. Moreover, you can also read reviews of BIMC Bali and other hospitals as well.

#2 Communicate in Advance

Once you have determined your procedure and also selected a clinic, communicate with them ahead of the procedure. If you schedule a trip to Bali before your medical holiday, that will allow you to consult with your surgeon face-to-face. But a phone call or video call will also suffice. This will not only help you understand more about your surgery but also give you a feeling of what your surgeon is all about.


#3 Don’t Forget Important Documents

When you are travelling for a surgery in Bali, don’t forget to carry all your medical records as well as other important documents with you. These include:


  • X-Rays

  • Blood tests

  • Immunization records

  • Prescriptions

  • Medical clearance

  • Insurance (if applicable)


Remember to make enough copies in case of emergencies, and also leave at least one copy back home. Also keep your passport, visa, ID, and credit card(s) with you at all times.

#4 Fly Back Home in Comfort

When flying back from your medical tourism trip, consider flying first-class. Since you are recovering from surgery, it is always good to travel as comfortably as possible. Considering the fact that you are saving thousands of dollars while undergoing surgery in a top hospital like BIMC Bali, a first-class ticket on your return flight might not run over your budget.

#5 Take Someone Along with You

One of the many reasons why people choose to undergo plastic surgery in a place like Bali is that they want privacy during their procedure and recovery. However, since plastic surgery will leave you a little debilitated for some time, it is always a good idea to have someone travel with you for support. This can enhance your whole experience, especially since you are away from home. Plus it gives you a chance to enjoy a foreign vacation with a loved one.


Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of your Bali plastic surgery.

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