Traveling to Cancun for Lip Enhancement


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Mexico is one of our top destinations when it comes to medical tourism, and we work with a lot of great lip enhancement clinics in Cancun. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider Cancun as your destination for lip enhancement.

Taking Advantage of an Amazing Destination

There is a lot to do in Cancun, from a tourist point of view. The city is one of the most popular in Mexico for vacationers, welcoming tourists all year long. Regardless of the season, when you decide to travel (winter, spring, summer or fall), there is always something to do for you in Cancun. You can take advantage of huge sales on resorts and hotels, to save even more. Cancun offers a great deal of beaches for summer lovers, and the Playa Norte. There are also a lot of cultural festivals that you can take part in, one of them is the Cancun Jazz Festival if you are keen of music. The Cancun underwater museum is a contemporary sculpture that is very famous and that you can also explore while in the metropole!

Saving Big on Lip Enhancement Prices

Medical Departures patients can save at least 50% on their lip enhancement prices by getting their procedure at one of our Cancun clinics. And, based on the clinic you select, you can even get lower prices.


At the Sculpting Medicina Estetica , lip enhancement cost starts as low as USD 366 (CAD 494; EUR 341; GBP 286; AUD 485; NZD 521) compared to the prices in the USA and Canada which are almost 7 times more expensive (USD 2,687 (CAD 3,627; EUR 2,505; GBP 2,098; AUD 3,562; NZD 3,821). One of the reasons why cosmetic care is so cheap and affordable in Mexico has to do with the fact that cost of life and labor costs in Mexico are considerably lower when compared to the USA and Canada for example.

Working with Cosmetic Clinics and Surgeons

One of the things that our Cancun clinics are known for is the excellence in service and the quality of care. Cancun-trained surgeons are highly experienced and those we work with are specialists in cosmetic care. Dr. Alejandro Gomez Aguirre , a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with 30 years of experience, is one of them.

Another great clinic for lip enhancement in Cancun is Oneline Beauty Clinic . To help you see what results to expect from lip enhancement at one of those Cancun clinics, lip enhancement before and after pictures are available from Medical Departures.

Lip enhancement clinics in Cancun offer great deals when it comes to price and value. Not only do you get to work with great doctors, but you also get to save while enjoying a well-deserved medical vacation. Get in touch with our customer service team today to find out how you can book your lip enhancement at one of our Cancun clinics.