Where To Go For Lower Cost Breast Lift And Augmentation Packages


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Those wishing to undergo surgery to modify the shape and size of their breasts will doubtless be aware that these procedures are rarely covered by insurance or government subsidies. In places like USA, Western Europe, UK, Australia, etc the procedures are readily available but expensive. However, should you opt to travel to Malaysia and go for a Breast Lift and Augmentation Package in Penang, the medical package is likely to cost you only US$4,126 (£3,222 - €3,847 – AUD5,469) which is around 50% less than you might have to pay at home.

NOTE – priced separately, breast lifts in USA are around US$11,000 & augmentation around US$11,500.

that’s £8,300 and £8,700 in UK

or €9,200 and €9,500 in Western Europe

or AUD15,800 and AUD16,500 in Australia

Prices can be variable depending on the degree and type of enhancement required.

It does not take much to see that the savings on breast lift and augmentation price in Penang will go a long way towards justifying the cost of getting to and spending time on that beautiful and interesting island. But, are these procedures safe in Malaysia, how do you check this out and how do you select a top-rated clinic??


The answers lie on these webpages at Medical Departures. First, you can simply browse the pages and then discuss your personal requirements online with the customer service team. We list clinics from around the world and provide base details on prices. Before any clinic can be listed it must successfully pass a rigorous assessment process that validates facilities, procedures, equipment and supplies used as well as the doctors’ and key practitioners’ skills, experience and qualifications. To be listed by Medical Departures, everything must meet or exceed internationally accepted standards. Furthermore, all staff that you will come into contact with at the clinic must be well versed in the English language. In other words, the only difference between having a procedure at home or having it in Penang is that business operating costs are much lower in Malaysia and that savings are passed on to you in the form of a considerably lower breast lift and augmentation price.

One such clinic that Medical Departures have validated is the Klinik Loh Surgery in Penang which, for over 25 years, has been successfully performing a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures that include breast lifts and breast augmentations. Your beauty is their concern and their goal is to make you feel good so that you will feel more confident. Its founder Dr. Loh Lay Soon is an Aesthetic Practitioner specializing in cosmetic and laser treatments. He holds a medical degree and studied cosmetic and laser surgery in the USA, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore.

Anyone booking a Breast Lift and Augmentation Package in Penang at the Klinik Loh Surgery before the end of 2017 is entitled to additional savings on exclusive hotel & transportation packages. Check out our clinic listings in Penang , or get in touch with Customer Care for further information. With these double savings, you could spend your first week on energetic activities, undergo the surgery and then spend the remaining time totally relaxing in a luxury hotel to recover from the surgery.