Which is the Best Neck Lift Clinic in Penang?


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Looking for High Quality Yet Affordable Neck Lift Clinic? Penang, Malaysia is Your Destination

In the last couple of years, Asian countries have seen a surge in medical tourism. These are basically overseas medical holidays that allow patients (mostly from countries like Australia and New Zealand) to seek affordable treatments (especially cosmetic procedures) while also enjoying a vacation. When it comes to finding a reliable and affordable neck lift clinic, Penang, Malaysia is one of the finest destinations in Asia, Malaysia being one of the region’s undisputed leaders in medical tourism. Let’s look at the costs of the clinics in this country.

What is the Neck Lift Cost in Penang?

The main reason why people become medical tourists is money, and this is where we will start our discussion. Cosmetic procedures are highly expensive, especially in Australia and New Zealand, but in Malaysia, neck lifts are highly affordable, as these numbers show:


Cost of Neck Lift in Australia: AUD $14000

Cost of Neck Lift in Malaysia (high): AUD $4500

Cost of Neck Lift in Malaysia (low): AUD $450

Cost of Neck Lift in Malaysia (median): AUD $2500

Percentage saving: 82%

Cost of Neck Lift in New Zealand: NZD $14700

Cost of Neck Lift in Malaysia (high): NZD $4700

Cost of Neck Lift in Malaysia (low): NZD $470

Cost of Neck Lift in Malaysia (median): NZD $2600

Percentage saving: 82%

As you can see, the prices are not only low in Penang, but they are exceptionally low! Test assured that the best international hospitals like Leh Clinic offer these amazing cost savings without compromising on quality. They’re able to offer such low prices thanks to the lower costs of running a dental practice in Malaysia than in Australia or New Zealand.

Use Neck Lift Review Websites

Since there are many international-quality hospitals in Malaysia offering a variety of medical services, reading reviews will help you find which one is most suitable according to your needs and budget. Reviews are a great way of finding the most suitable clinic for your needs. Reliable clinics such as Leh Clinic are always upfront about their prices and never have any hidden costs.

Find Referrals

Along with the reviews, you can also try to find referrals to neck lifts in Pattaya. If you know someone who has been a medical tourist to Malaysia, that will be a great source of information. They’ll probably share some practical information that’ll help you on your trip.

The bottom line is that quality clinics for neck lift are not hard to find in Pattaya, or Malaysia as a whole. The thing to remember is that medical tourism (especially for cosmetic surgery) is big business in Malaysia. In fact, this country is leading the Asian medical tourism scene by miles.

A major part of their economy depends on business provided by foreign patients, and this gives local hospitals and doctors incentive to maintain a high standard of service while offering low prices. That is why when you need to find a good neck lift clinic, Penang is definitely a great place to look for one.