Why The Costs In Cancun Are Great For Medical Tourists From Canada?


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If you live in Canada then you probably already know that surgery and cosmetic treatments are expensive but did you know about Mexico’s low medical tourism cost? Cancun is a beachside town that offers an excellent holiday experience, while also having an array of modern clinics. That's why is rapidly developing into a top medical tourism destination.

Cosmetic Surgery And Treatments Are High-Priced In Canada

Let's face it, if you desire cosmetic or plastic surgery, such as breast enhancement, facelifts, nose jobs or liposuction, then the fees involved can ruin you financially. Even basic cosmetic treatments such as Botox can really set you back. That's why more and more people are looking for cheaper opportunities abroad. This allows them to get the medical work done, enjoy a holiday, and in many cases still have saved thousands overall.

Cancun: Mexico’s Ultimate Beach Town

There are many places in Mexico to select from for your medical vacation. Cancun is a good option because it has beautiful beaches, modern clinics and hospitals, and is a popular place for foreign travelers.

You will find a variety of accommodation options with many being beachside and very cheap. Eating, drinking, and shopping is also very easy on a budget. But, of course, what’s best is the medical prices.


You Can Save Thousands

Have a look at the table below to see the savings possible on cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, and weight loss procedures.


Price in Canada (CAD)

Price in Cancun (CAD)

Savings (CAD)

Breast Augmentation








Nose Job




Tummy Tuck












Bariatric (Weight loss) Surgery




Don't forget about non-surgical cosmetic treatments.


Price in Canada (CAD)

Price in Cancun (CAD)

Savings (CAD)

Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation




Medium Chemical Peel




You can also save a nice sum on Botox. One unit costs around $20 in Canada, but you will only need to pay around $10 in Cancun. Most areas require 10-20 units to achieve the best results. This means you can save $100-$200 per area.

Which Clinics Offer These Prices While Remaining High-Quality?

There are a bunch of clinics in Cancun, and just like anything, the quality will vary depending on where you go. That's why it pays to do your research to make sure you're making the right decision. A good way to get more information is to read some medical tourism reviews. Cancun’s doctors can also be looked up online (including on our website), and you will be able to see their qualifications, experience, and memberships in international medical organizations.

To help you out let us recommend some of our favorite doctors and clinics in Cancun . These include:


We reckon you're getting a great deal from this low medical tourism cost. Cancun will allow you to transform your appearance, save thousands, and enjoy a holiday. So, don't overpay in Canada. Instead, use our site to research doctors and clinics so that you can find a more affordable option.