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The Ultimate Guide to Sleeve Gastrectomy in Costa Rica

Seriously overweight? Sleeve gastrectomy in Costa Rica is one of the bariatric surgical procedures that will make losing weight easy. At the same time, it is much more affordable in Costa Rica where you can combine a holiday with this surgery.

Since obesity is now a major world problem that is a contributory factor in diabetes according to the World Health Organization, it is important for health reasons to lose weight. In fact obesity can also lead to problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, breathing problems, including asthma and sleep apnea and joint disorders, so all the more reason to get rid of excess weight. If diet and exercise are not successful and you are at risk of developing one or more of these problems (or already suffer from one) then it is necessary to reduce weight. 

Sleeve gastrectomy offers a relatively permanent solution to weight gain as it reduces the size of the stomach permanently, leaving only a banana-shaped sleeve behind. It is a successful weight loss surgery procedure and reduces the stomach size permanently. Besides you don’t feel hungry after the surgery, the price reason for diet failure.

Why consider sleeve gastrectomy in Costa Rica?

If you don’t have medical insurance and don’t want to waste time waiting for the surgery, Costa Rica offers an affordable alternative. It has excellent medical facilities and well trained and qualified doctors who speak English. It has a number of JCI accredited hospitals, testifying to their quality. This Central American country is easily accessible from the U.S. and Canada and has two international airports to choose from.

It also has many attractions to lure the tourist including a vast green cover, high biodiversity, natural beauty, unique species of flora and fauna and is famous for its eco-tourism. It is full of parks, forest reserves, mangrove forests, cloud forests and even private parks. You can see all kinds of wildlife here, both on the land and in the sea ranging from jaguars to humpback whales, from capuchins to tropical fishes and even birds and insects.

In Costa Rica, you can select from a range of medical and tourist destinations to get your surgery done. You can go to San Jose, which is also close to many parks, reserves and volcanoes, or Escazu, Liberia, Tibas, Santa Ana among other places. You can choose a place either due to the hospital or clinic you would prefer to go to or the holiday attractions around.

As the surgery is a major surgery, it is best to get your activities in before the surgery. And, if you so desire, you can choose to recover at a surgery recovery retreat where you will be well-taken care by medical personnel so you need have no apprehensions about staying at a hotel.

Why book through Medical Departures?

Medical Departures is a reputed site that takes care of medical tourists seeking all kinds of surgeries and treatments. We offer safety by checking the experience, background and qualifications of the doctors at the medical centers listed on our site. We verify that they are accredited to a standard international organisation. We see that the facilities are of an international standard. And we offer the best price guarantee.

How long does sleeve gastrectomy take and what is the approximate downtime?

Unless there are medical reasons that you would require open surgery, sleeve gastrectomy is done using two to five small incisions so recovery is faster. The stomach is cut and a large part removed, leaving a vertical sleeve. This is sealed with sutures or staples. The surgery can take between one and three hours. Before the surgery, you have to follow medical advice regarding your diet for two weeks before the operation to prevent any problems from occurring.

After the surgery you can spend two or more days in hospital and recovery can take at least four to six weeks. You will be on fluids initially though I.V. and then orally (for the first week only clear liquids are advised). Gradually you will be moved to soft foods and you can expect to start solid foods in week five. Initially, you will lose weight fast and then it will become slower. You can expect to lose around 60 to 80 percent of the extra weight over two years.

What is the cost of sleeve gastrectomy in Costa Rica?

In the U.S. this surgery is quite expensive and you can expect to spend around US$16,730 (CAD22,556, £13,424, €15,390, AUD22,000, NZD23,268). You will pay a fraction of this price in Costa Rica.

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