Breast Augmentation in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Augmentation in Phuket Province

Last fact-checked: 26 July 2020

Looking to regain your youthful figure with a breast augmentation in Phuket?  Over our lifespan, breasts will droop, sag, flatten or sometimes disappear altogether. Numerous circumstances can speed this up, like breastfeeding, weight loss, pregnancy, gravity or even macromastia; where breasts never developed in the first place.

While we can't fight Father Time, if you’ve lost volume in your boobs, your shape has changed and clothes don’t fit the way they once did, breast augmentation could be the solution.

Why Should I Have a Breast Augmentation in Phuket

Plastic surgeons in Thailand are amongst the best in the world and breast augmentation— also known as breast implants or the “boob job” is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country today. Already a popular holiday resort, Phuket is rapidly becoming an international center for health and wellbeing, making it one of the top destinations for a medical vacation. 

With its friendly people, luxury boutique hotels, hot, sunny climate, magnificent beaches, exotic culture, great food and an endless list of leisure pursuits, there’s something in Phuket for everybody.

Thailand receives billions in revenue each year from medical tourism; a figure that has been increasing by 15% per year for the last decade with the influx of millions of health tourists to locations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket. 

So how can it be so much more affordable in this idyllic location than at home? In part because the cost of living is so much lower in Thailand—including labor costs, which can bring down the fee to less than half of what you’d be expected to pay in your home country.

The medical technology and drugs are exactly the same and the surgeons are often trained in Australia, Japan or even America. The cost differences lie in the price of the infrastructure (building, rent, power, amenities), staff salaries and cost of living—not the quality of the procedure.

The competition and demand for the international market also keep the pricing competitive and the clinics are well established with tremendous reputations so the medical tourist traffic keeps the cogs in this multi-million-dollar industry, turning.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

Doctors and ancillary medical staff are well trained and qualified, but there is no formal requirement for cosmetic surgery qualifications once a doctor has obtained their license. This is why it makes sense to book with Medical Departures, because we have already checked national registrations in Thailand, ensuring all of our partner surgeons have the right credentials. 

Medical Departures offers listings that show verified qualifications and professional memberships, real patient testimonials, clinic photos and other useful information giving you the time to make a judgment yourself on what is right for you, with all the appropriate 'need-to-know' information at your fingertips.

Get started now by looking through these top-rated clinics in Phuket for breast augmentation: 

What’s Involved in a Breast Augmentation and How Long Does it Take?

Breast augmentation is performed to make your breasts fuller and with more shape but there are several decisions you need to make before you proceed with your treatment. You have the option of different types of implants, including those made from:

  • Saline solution

  • Silicone gel 

  • Biocompatible materials like soybean oil for your implants; all are approved and safe to use.

Silicone implants are most commonly used, and have a smooth or textured outer shell and come in different sizes. They are inserted while filled so need a larger incision area than the saline option, usually made in the fold beneath the breast. They are approved for augmentation or breast reconstruction in women aged 22 and over and are also used in revision surgeries to improve or correct previous procedures.

The beauty of the silicone implant is that they are difficult to detect by touch, making them the best option for the slender frame and have less risk of ripping. It should be noted that they are not designed to last a lifetime and will need to be removed or replaced over time.

Before silicone became an option, saline implants were more commonly used. While they are quite easily detected by touch, the saline option is less expensive and often a better option for women of a heavier build as they give more coverage. The advantages are their adjustability and that they are inflated after insertion so leave a smaller scar. There are no ‘silent ruptures’ and if they rupture or deflate, the saline is absorbed back into the body. They can be used on younger patients (under 22) and there are more size options. 

Your surgeon will discuss the best options for your needs and expectations. 

The procedure takes between one and two hours to perform under general anesthetic, though you may be in the clinic or hospital for the best part of a day.

What Is the Recovery Time and When Can I Return to Work?

Although you will experience immediate swelling, bruising and some pain after your surgery, your breasts will be wrapped in gauze dressings and an elastic bandage or a support bra and you will be taken to a recovery room.

You might experience restricted breathing and your chest will almost certainly feel tight but this is quite normal. If all is well, you will be released after a few hours and allowed to leave the clinic with specific instructions on how to take care of yourself and with medication to apply or take to aid healing and reduce the risk of infection. It’s important to keep the incision sites clean and dry and apply the ointment as directed. It’s also recommended you wear a sports bra around the clock for the first two weeks.

You will also be given a date for a follow-up appointment, during which time you will be examined by your doctor in Phuket to confirm there are no problems. After this, you should be given the green light to fly home. It’s advisable to wait for around six weeks before you resume strenuous activity.

What is the Cost of Breast Augmentation in Phuket Compared to Australia or New Zealand?

The average cost of a breast augmentation in Phuket is around AUD $5,00 (GBP £2,400; US $3,400; €3,100) compared to $16,500 in Australia (UK £7,900; US $11,300, EUR €10,400). [Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing.]

What's Next?

Our Customer Care Team is on hand 24/7 to answer your questions about breast augmentation in Phuket, Thailand—or to help you book and save almost AUD$ 10,000 with Medical Departures. 


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