Breast Enlargement in Greater Seoul Area

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Enlargement in Greater Seoul Area

Last fact-checked: 12 October 2020

For a safe, affordable breast enlargement in Seoul, use Medical Departures' list of verified surgeons and clinics before you go. We have partnered with cosmetic and plastic surgeons throughout the country who offer expertise and affordable prices.

Is a Breast Enlargement for Me?

Breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation, is one of the world’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures and is suitable for adult women of all ages. 

Patients typically seek this surgery to increase the size of their breasts because they are too small, or to add volume (often in combination with a breast lift) following pregnancy or weight loss.

Breast enlargements are normally carried out using saline or silicone implants, although fat grafting is another option for those only seeking a small increase in size. 

Why Should I Consider Having a Breast Enlargement in Seoul?

Seoul is considered to be at the forefront of the global cosmetic and beauty sectors; world-renowned for its innovative use of new technologies, materials and products to improve esthetics, doctors from across the globe travel to South Korea to study and stay abreast of the medical advances here first-hand.

Cosmetic surgery goes in hand-in-hand with this trend and it is apparent the country has wholeheartedly embraced the whole ethos of looking good. Plastic surgery is not frowned upon at all; rather, it is almost part of the cultural identity that people should look their best – and there are facilities throughout offering top-quality services to meet the demand.

Seoul also has a thriving medical tourism industry, particularly for Chinese and Japanese visitors, who come for the expertise on offer, with competitive prices making the trip all the more worthwhile. 

Before or after your surgery, Seoul is an appealing destination to explore as a regular tourist with its vibrant nightlife, first-class restaurants, top-quality hotels and great dining opportunities.

Finding a Leading Surgeon in Seoul for Your Breast Enlargement

Medical Departures has teamed up with some of the leading medical providers and surgeons in Seoul; before they are listed on our site, we carry out background checks to verify qualifications and professional memberships.

Traveling overseas for surgery is quite daunting, but we make the job easier to choose by publishing high-definition photos, prices and real patient testimonials so you can book with confidence.

What Does a Breast Enlargement Involve and How Long Does it Take?

Breasts can be enlarged either with implants or by fat transfer.

The fat transfer method involves harvesting fat from another part of the body by liposuction. This is then cleaned and processed so that it can be reinserted into the breasts. This method is subtle and is usually best for small breasts that only need to go up a size.

For the majority of people, implants are the way to go. Your surgeon will discuss the merits of the different types of implant – silicone or saline – with you beforehand, as well as what shape you want.

There are several different surgical techniques for inserting the implants, and again, this will be discussed with you beforehand. Incisions (where the implants are to be inserted) may be made:

  • Around the areola (the coloured tissue surrounding the nipple)
  • Underneath the armpit
  • Underneath the breast

The whole procedure takes between one and two hours, although you will need to stay at the medical facility or hospital for a while after being given the green light to return to your hotel. 

What Is the Recovery Time for a Breast Enlargement?

After surgery:

  • You will be stiff and sore for a few days, but the recovery is fairly quick compared to other cosmetic surgeries.
  • Many people return to work in a week, providing they don’t have too physical a job.
  • You should be able to do some light sightseeing in Seoul after a few days, enjoying a relaxing, slow-paced holiday while you recover.
  • Do consult your surgeon as to when you can safely fly home.
  • You will be advised not to bend or stretch too much for the first couple of weeks, and to avoid vigorous exercise for six weeks.

What is the cost comparison of Breast Enlargements in Seoul?

The average cost of Breast Enlargements in Seoul is, on average, around AUD $9,165 (US $6,585; CAN $8,595; UK £4,500; EURO €5,912).

This is compared to around AUD $16,497 (US $11,854; CAN $15,471; UK £8,100, EURO €10,642) in Australia, for example. 

Note: These are approximate average prices. Compare updated prices, photos, surgeon profiles, reviews and more at these top clinics in Seoul for breast enlargements:

How Do I Book?

Search our Seoul breast surgery listings and compare prices.

It's free to arrange your appointment through our site if you have already chosen your clinic. Alternatively, connect with our Customer Care Team if you’ve any questions about breast enlargements in Seoul or would like assistance with the booking process. 


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