Breast Reduction in San Jose

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Reduction in San Jose

Last fact-checked: 12 October 2020

A breast reduction in San Jose can be an effective solution for women and men who suffer from embarrassment or discomfort due to large breasts.

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Who Is a Breast Reduction for?

Overly large breasts can also result in a number of problems, including:

  • Back pain and neck pain
  • Low self-esteem
  • Skin irritation
  • Difficulty to lead a healthy, active lifestyle

The ideal candidate for a breast reduction will be in good overall health. Patients should also have realistic expectations regarding the procedure.

Why Get Breast Reduction in San Jose, Costa Rica?

Having a breast reduction performed in San Jose, Costa Rica provides the opportunity to relax in this must-visit country while also boosting your self-confidence. Costa Rica is well known for its natural beauty, including its spectacular beaches and rainforests.

Patients planning on undergoing a breast reduction in San Jose, Costa Rica may find it to be a good idea to plan to arrive well in advance of their scheduled procedure. Doing so will allow you ample time to sample many of San Jose's incredible attractions, including the city's museums. The fact that Costa Rica is just a short plane ride from the United States makes it a convenient option.

This Latin American country also has an exceptional private healthcare system, staffed by English-speaking doctors. Many of the doctors in Costa Rica received their training in the United States. Costa Rican hospitals and clinics follow the strictest international standards, including those set forth by the International Standards Organization.

Along with superior healthcare, Costa Rica also offers much lower prices than in the United States.

Booking with Medical Departures

Our primary goal at Medical Departures is to assist patients to find safe, more affordable medical treatment abroad, and this extends to breast reduction procedures in Costa Rica.

We provide lists of facilities and surgeons that have been thoroughly checked; our vetting process includes confirming professional memberships and qualifications, as well as performing criminal and civil background checks.

To ensure your complete safety and satisfaction, we also visit the facilities in person and perform interviews with patients who have actually used those clinics and surgeons.

How Long Does a Breast Reduction Take and What Is the Recovery Like?

Prior to your breast reduction, you will meet with your physician to discuss your medical history and goals from the procedure. During your consultation, your physician will also likely measure your breasts. This will allow your doctor to determine the amount of tissue that will need to be removed to meet your goals from the surgery.

Regarding your surgery, it should be noted that:

  • A breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia.
  • You should expect the procedure to take between three and five hours.
  • Several incisions will be made during the procedure, which will allow your doctor to remove excess tissue, fat, and skin.
  • Liposuction may also be performed to remove excess skin and fatty tissue.
  • Since overly large breasts often tend to sag, your physician may also lift and shape the underlying breast tissue.
  • Many patients will also need to have the size of the areola reduced to meet cosmetic goals. The nipple may also need to be repositioned.

Following your procedure:

  • You should expect surgical adhesive or tape to be present. This is done to provide support to your breasts.
  • Swelling should also be anticipated.
  • Drain tubes are typically inserted to assist in reducing swelling; these can be removed within a couple of days following your breast reduction, but it may take several weeks for the swelling to completely subside.
  • If stitches are used, they can be removed within two weeks of the procedure.
  • Your occupation will determine when you can return to work; most patients find it necessary to take off a minimum of one week from work, although you will likely need to limit your physical activity for several weeks, including any heavy lifting.
  • If you experience any pain or discomfort following your procedure, you may be prescribed oral painkillers.
  • Most patients are able to see immediate results following a breast reduction.

What Is the Cost of Breast Reduction in San Jose Compared to the US and Canada?

The average price of a breast reduction in San Jose, Costa Rica is about $3,200 (AUD $4,491, GBP £2,308, EUR €2,929) compared to $12,500 in the United States (AUD $17,684, GBP £8,618, EUR €11,201).

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What Now?

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(Image by: Jerry And Roy Klotz MD)