Chemical Peel in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Chemical Peel in Tijuana

Looking at affordable ways to repair damaged skin? A chemical peel in Tijuana may be a good option – and it’s likely to save you 70% or more than the prices at home.

Chemical peels are available in a number of strengths, ranging from a light to a medium to a deep peel. There is a big difference between a deep chemical peel (which must be carried out under surgical conditions) and light and medium ones (which can be carried out in a salon). It goes without saying that a deep peel is far more invasive than the others, has a longer recovery time, but also more dramatic and long-lasting results.

Why get a chemical peel in Tijuana?

Saving money is one of the number one reasons you may want to have a chemical peel in Tijuana, and this is the primary reason why so many North Americans make their way over the Border to this location. This migration has been happening for years – but whereas leather goods, jewelry and pottery may have been on the shopping list, now it is cheaper pharmaceuticals, eye, dental and medical care.

In the past, this may have been considered a rather risky business as there was virtually no way of knowing what the facilities or standards would be like until you got there. Nowadays, the internet and globalization has made the process somewhat easier, and anyone can do their own research from the comfort of their own home.

We do recommend that everyone does their own research, and this is exactly what Medical Departures does before we list a clinic on our website. Unfortunately, there is no absolutely foolproof way of measuring quality and no medical procedure can ever be guaranteed completely. You can make a judgment on perceived quality by looking at key areas:

- Qualifications

This goes without saying. You want to be certain your doctor is suitably qualified and, more importantly, has the experience in the area you require.

- Professional Memberships

This, too, is something to look at. Surgeons in Tijuana should be registered with one of the appropriate Mexican boards, but you’re also likely to find they are members of American Boards and international ones.

- Testimonials

Online testimonials, particularly from past patients are invaluable. We ask all our patients to provide us with these, which are published on our website without editing.

- Onsite Visits

We visit our clinics personally. If we are not happy about going there ourselves we don’t list. We try to convey a sense of how the clinic looks by providing high definition photos and virtual tours, so you can decide if a provider is right for you.

What is the procedure for a chemical peel?

Chemical peels vary substantially in their strength, and the procedures are very different.

A Deep Chemical peel is an invasive treatment and should only be carried out in a surgical environment. It penetrates deep into the skin layers, requires general anesthesia and several weeks recovery. Medium and light chemical peel are much milder, only removing the outermost layers of skin.

For all peels, skin is thoroughly cleansed and a chemical solution applied to the skin, which is left on the face for a short time. For deep peels, after the general anesthetic has been administered, the surgeon applies the solution in small sections and will remove the solution completely before moving on to the next section. Afterwards the skin is dressed with bandages.

For light and medium peels the chemical solution is applied all at once and left on the skin for a time. It may sting or tingle and once it is removed you may have a cold press and or lotion applied to soothe.

What is the recovery time from a chemical peel?

For light and medium peels and redness to the skin disappears after a few days. However, the purpose of the peel is to regenerate new skin, and shredding and/or skin crusting is likely for a few weeks after the treatment. It may take several treatments to achieve noticeably better results.

Deep chemical peels require several weeks recovery. Be prepared for dramatic changes after the procedure - your face will be red, swollen and the skin will peel and crust. Eventually, your skin will rejuvenate, but it takes around 3 months’ before the changes are complete. The effects are usually worth it, taking years off your appearance, with the results lasting for 10 years.

What is the cost of a chemical peel in Tijuana compared to the United States and Canada?

The average cost for light and medium chemical peels in Mexico is around 50% less compared to the United States.

What now?

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