Eyebrow Lift in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Lift in Mexico City

Last fact-checked: 5 November 2020

If you’re seeking an affordable way to fight the effects of aging, an eyebrow lift in Mexico City could be a viable option, especially if you're based in the US or Canada.

Over time, the brows start to droop with age and other contributing factors, making your face look tired and older than it really is. Brow lift surgery can combat this by opening up the area around the eyes to help make you look younger. 

Am I Suitable for an Eyebrow Lift in Mexico City?

As well as the esthetic reasons for having an eyebrow lift, many people also recommended this surgery to improve their vision. Patients must also be in good overall health and have realistic expectations in terms of what a brow lift can achieve. Ultimately, your surgeon will determine whether or not you are safe to undergo any surgical procedure.

Why Should I Consider Haning an Eyebrow Lift in Mexico City?

The main reason most people choose to have eyebrow surgery in Mexico City is affordability, as costs are considerably lower than you would expect to pay at home. North Americans also have the benefit of shorter flight times to Mexico City.

You’d be forgiven for assuming low prices probably equals low quality, but that isn’t the case. The cost of living is much lower in Mexico. Overhead expenses such as rent, staffing costs and utilities, all of which contribute to your final fee, are all substantially lower as well.

Generally, medical tourists will find the facilities, should they choose wisely,  as good as back home. The best private hospitals established for medical tourists are modern, have state-of-the-art facilities, are equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and staffed with highly-skilled English-speaking professionals. In fact, everything you could ever wish for at home is available here, with a commitment to hygiene, safety and high standards, like those set by the ISO.

Using Medical Departures to Find a Reputable Brow Lift Surgeon

Before booking any surgical procedure, it is imperative for the patient to be fully aware of the relevant qualifications, training and experience of the specialist performing the surgical procedure. Simply booking an appointment just would not do in all cases, since you never know whether or not you are receiving the quality of service promised.

With Medical Departures, you can be sure that each medical service provider, whether an individual or a clinic or hospital, has thoroughly undergone a detailed screening before they are deemed to be qualified to be listed on the Medical Departures website. Thus, you can browse through our verified Mexico City listings to find medical providers who have been checked for any legal or criminal cases against them, and their degrees and professional memberships have also been verified.

What Happens During a Brow Lift Procedure - What Should I Know?

The procedure itself is performed under general anesthesia and can take anywhere from one to two hours.

There are two main types of brow lift surgeries, and the surgeon will choose one depending on the individual’s skin type, skin condition and hairline:

  • An open brow lift: an incision is made from one ear, along the hairline, to the other ear. The skin is then separated from the underlying tissue and the surgeon then tightens and reduces the muscle. The surgeon will then stretch the skin and stitch or clip it in place.
  • An endoscopic brow lift: up to five tiny incisions are made along the scalp and a tiny plastic tube is inserted, which contains a small camera. This camera provides images on a screen to the surgeon, who then operates on the fatty tissue or muscles behind one’s hairline. The brows are lifted and stitched.
Learn more about what eyebrow lift surgery entails here

What Happens After the Procedure?

  • In general, you will be advised to stay home from work for one to two weeks. In this case, part of this downtime will be spent in Mexico City before you are able to travel back home (upon the surgeon's advice). 
  • Patients are required to sleep upright for a week following the surgery so that the swelling subsides. 
  • Hair should be washed daily and suture areas should be dried thoroughly.
  • Stitches are removed approximately ten days after the surgery and one can return to work within two weeks.

What Is the Cost of Eyebrow Lifts in Mexico City Compared to the United States?

Facelifts in Mexico City costs around $2,200 (CAN $3,000, UK £1,500 EUR €2,000, AUS $3,000), in comparison to $6,900 in the United States (CAN $9,500, UK £4,800 , EUR €6,100, AUS $9,600).

[Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing. You can check with our listed clinics for up-to-date pricing]. 

What Now?

Get started by taking a look at Andres Cruz WTC Clinic, an MD-verified facility in Mexico City that offers eyebrow lift surgery to international patients.

If you’re ready to book, see below for ways to arrange an appointment or get in touch with our Customer Care Team; they can help you find a surgeon who can deliver your desired aesthetic results at a price that's right for you. 


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