Forehead Lift in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Forehead Lift in Bali

Fancy getting rid of those wrinkles across your brow? How about a forehead lift in Bali?  You can smooth out those furrows, look younger and get a holiday into the bargain.

Squinting and facial expressions like frowning contribute to the lines on your forehead. With the aging process and the pull of gravity your brows can droop over the eyelids, making you look tired and older. A forehead lift will give you a wrinkle-free forehead and this goes a long way in reversing the aging appearance of your face. The forehead lift may be done as a standalone procedure or can be combined with facelift, eye bag removal and other procedures, as well as non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Also called a browplasty, this surgery can be done using the open surgical technique or can be done endoscopically, using minute incisions. You can decide along with the doctor as to which technique will work best for your problems and whether you need another facial procedure (surgical or minimally invasive) to achieve your goals.

Why consider forehead lift in Bali?

Bali is a place that is known for its excellent medical care and affordable prices. It is also easily accessible from countries like Australia. As this surgery is something you have to pay for, you have to shop around for affordable options if you feel you need the surgery.

If you plan to go to Bali, you can also have a holiday there since it is a great holiday place as well. It has good climate. There are many varied landscapes and great beaches across the island for relaxation. You’ll also find lots to do in terms of activities – whether you like hurtling through the air on a zip wire; negotiating river rapids or strolling around a golf course. The only thing is that if you are having surgery, then it is best to get your holiday activities in before the surgery.

Post-surgery you’ll find plenty of places that will cater to your needs, whether that’s dining out, or indulging in some spa therapies to aid your recovery.

If you are worried about booking surgery abroad then let Medical Departures help. We put all our homework in place so you don’t have to worry on any score. We do a detailed investigation into the background, credentials, qualifications and experience of the doctors at the medical centers recommended on our website. We also see that the ambience and amenities are top-notch, that they meet internationally-recognized standards, like the ISO’s and that the staff speak English. This gives you added safety. Besides this, we also offer the best price guarantee.

How much time does forehead lift and what is the estimated recovery period?

Browplasty can be done in different ways depending on where you need a lift. It is usually done under local anesthesia and the whole procedure should take between one and two hours. The sutures are put in places where they either come in the natural crease or they are hidden. So they can be in the eyebrow line, in the hairline or it is done endoscopically. Usually the skin is tightened, the excess tissue removed and the eyebrows will assume a more natural arch after the surgery. This gets rid of the wrinkles and furrows.  

Recovery can take two to three weeks depending on your general health and the procedure you have. You will have bruising, swelling and pain and will need painkillers. Your forehead may feel tight for some time and you should ideally sleep with your head elevated for a week. Swelling will start subsiding after four days. Complete healing will take six to eight weeks.

What is the cost of forehead lift in Bali compared to Australia and New Zealand?

A forehead lift in Bali is likely to be around AUD $4,500 (NZD $4,800; EURO €3,200; UK £2,800; US $3,500; CAN $4,500) compared to Australia where prices are AUD $14,000 (NZD $15,000; EURO €10,000; UK £8,600; US $10,700; CAN $14,000)

What now? 

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