Forehead Lift in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Forehead Lift in Mexico

Feeling great but looking tired? Get a face to match your mood with a forehead lift in Mexico. Aging skin tends to hit the forehead and eye areas first, so give yourself a younger look and banish those tell-tale lines, wrinkles and sagging brows with our quality-checked surgeons in Mexico.

For North Americans and Canadians especially, Mexico is convenient, affordable and offers a variety of destinations across the country for top-quality surgery, and the chance to enjoy a break or holiday. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, soak up the sun in Cabo, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta or discover Mexico’s ancient history and Colonial towns – and all for less than the price of the surgery alone back home.

Why get a forehead lift in Mexico?

The majority of people who come to Mexico for forehead lifts (or any other surgery) come to save money, and there is no doubt that you will save.

However, it is no good just choosing the cheapest price you can – that is asking for trouble. Just like in the United States there are good, and not so good surgeons and you should consider some important factors before going ahead. Verify credentials – eg. Licenses, qualifications and professional memberships. If your surgeon is a plastic surgeon, find out if he is a member of any of the plastic surgery associations – the Mexican Association of Aesthetic Surgery, or the Mexican Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, orieven one of the American Boards of Surgery.

People from the US who have never considered going to Mexico for surgery often baulk at the thought – thinking of dirty, sub-standard, old-fashioned facilities. This may still have a grain of truth in it, but Mexico has moved on. Medical and dental tourism is growing here – and new centers of excellence are springing up across the country to cater for this growing demand, staffed with well-qualified surgeons and medical staff and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The knack for medical tourists, is not about choosing the cheapest one, but finding the one you feel most comfortable with.

Medical Departures helps to make the process easier for patients. We have already background checked our doctors. We look for legal/criminal proceedings, confirm qualifications and professional memberships and do on-site visits, as well as obtain real patient testimonials – which gives an honest appraisal of a particular doctor or clinic by the people who know best. Use this information to make up your own mind and come to your own well-informed decision.

There are many decent, accredited surgeons and facilities in Mexico – just make sure you choose one of them for your forehead lift surgery.

What are the different types of forehead lift in Mexico?

Most surgery can be performed in a number of ways, using different techniques, or a combination of techniques, and what your particular surgeon decides upon will be down to their own preferences, as well as what may be the best option for you.

Forehead lifts can be done with a continuous incision along the hairline, from temple to temple, or via an endoscope, which is a long thin tube with a camera attached. The endoscope is inserted through a small cut in the scalp and the camera allows the surgeon to see what is going on under the skin without having to open a big wound. Other small cuts in the scalp allow instruments to be inserted and the appropriate nips and tucks made with minimal scarring.

How long does the forehead lift procedure take?

It depends on what technique is used, but the forehead procedure typically takes between one and three hours.

What is the recovery time after a forehead lift?

You will be sore after the procedure, but will be given painkillers to help ease the discomfort. Numbness and a feeling of tightness is normal, but this should begin to dissipate after a few days. Bathing, showering and hair-washing can normally be done the day after surgery – but be careful of getting the wounds wet, and make sure to use the cool setting on the hairdryer, should you use one.

You can begin light activities after a few days and you should be back to your everyday activities in 3 weeks. Many people return to work after a week, but physical exercise, anything strenuous and heavy lifting should not be engaged in for at least a month.

What is the cost of a forehead lift in Mexico compared to the United States and Canada?

In Mexico a forehead lift is, on average, around $2,000, compared to around $5,000 in the United States.

What now?

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