Lip Enhancement in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Enhancement in Pattaya

Last fact-checked: 12 March 2020

Do your thin lips bother you? Get the look you want with lip enhancement in Pattaya while enjoying a fabulous holiday to Thailand

What Is a Lip Enhancement?

While you can use cosmetics to enhance your lip shape, these are invariably caught out and they still may not make you look better as they often look artificial. If you have always wanted plumper lips with a good definition, then actively consider lip enhancement in Pattaya.

There is now a variety of methods that can be used to enhance the appearance of the lips:

  • Surgery is a more drastic option for fuller lips, providing largely permanent results. Lip implants are made from various materials, requiring a small incision.
  • Injectable dermal fillers, which is a minimally invasive procedure that gives instantaneous results.
  • Fat transfer, a process that removes fat from your body which is then transferred to the lips.

Why Consider Lip Enhancement in Pattaya?

Being a cosmetic procedure that is not covered by medical insurance, many people seek more reasonably priced alternatives abroad. Pattaya in Thailand is a great place for a holiday and you can combine this esthetic procedure with a holiday. The region is a medical tourism hub besides being a global tourist destination, so you will enjoy both a holiday and surgery at affordable rates.

There is a lot to see and do in Pattaya which has miles of beaches, blue water and water activities in plenty. You can go diving, fishing, swimming, parasailing and various other water sports. You can visit tourist attractions like wildlife sanctuaries, tropical gardens and parks, museums and temples. You can also catch exotic shows. As for food, you get the best of Thai food as well as all kinds of international cuisines.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

Booking on your own can be chancy and with surgical procedures carrying their own risks, why would you want to compound your risk? Just as Pattaya has good medical facilities, it also has dubious ones. If you book on your own and land up at such a place, then you may have a botched procedure that you certainly did not bargain for.

When you book through Medical Departures, you have the best price guarantee and you have an added layer of safety. You will not pay more when you book through us and you can set your apprehensions at rest because we conduct checks. We investigate the credentials, qualifications and training of the doctors practicing at the clinics we list on our website. We also ensure that the clinics follow international standards and use the latest devices, equipment and medical aids.

Take a look now at these leading clinics in Pattaya that offer a range of cosmetic procedures for the face, including lip enhancements and fillers:

How Long Does Lip Enhancement Take and What Is the Approximate Recovery Period?

The procedure can take as little as 30 minutes or over an hour, depending on which kind of lip enhancement you are having. If you have hyaluronic acid fillers (Restylane or Juvederm) injected, the whole process can take about half an hour, there is virtually no downtime. However, you do have to top up these injections every three to six months.

Fat transfer, too, is similar to this, except that the fat has to be removed from your body before being transferred. This procedure also needs to be redone at regular, but longer, intervals as a percentage of fat is reabsorbed by the body over time.

You can also have a lip lift, which is a form of enhancement. This shortens a very long upper lip and gives a plumper appearance to both the lips. Lip implants are permanent and can be inserted via small incisions made in the lip corners and the implants, usually made of silicone may be very soft or not so soft. The results of these are permanent. The downtime for both these procedures will be about a week.

What Is the Cost of Lip Enhancement in Pattaya?

The cost of lip enhancement varies a great deal and depends on the kind of procedure you opt for. Obviously, surgery is the most expensive with fillers being the least expensive.

You can expect to pay between AUD 700 and AUD 3,000 in Australia. In Pattaya, you will pay around 50% less for the same choice. 

[Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing.]

What now?

If you're longing for plumper lips, book your appointment with Medical Departures to secure the best prices online. Look below for convenient ways to contact us and you will soon be on your way to lip enhancement in Pattaya.


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