Nose Job in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Pattaya

Last fact-checked: 3 December 2020

Unhappy with the shape or size of your nose? A nose job in Pattaya can help you achieve your desired look while saving up to 70% in Thailand.

Find quality-checked clinics in and around this coastal city and compare prices with Medical Departures.

What Is a Nose Job?

A nose job, medically known as a rhinoplasty, is a tailor-made surgery used to alter the size, shape and/or trajectory of the nose either for cosmetic or medical reasons (usually the former). It is suitable for all ages above 18 and popular with patients who perceive their nose to be too large, flat, hooked or small. Among the conditions a nose job can address are:

  • Hump reduction
  • Pinched-looking sides
  • Nose augmentation
  • Correction of breathing difficulties
  • Wide nose
  • Crooked or asymmetrical nose

Why Consider Surgery in Pattaya?

This type of nose correction is almost always done for cosmetic reasons; thus, you are usually required to pay out of your pocket for this procedure. Heading to one of our clinics in Pattaya can save you thousands compared to the high prices back home.

You can also enjoy a short holiday in Thailand, either staying in this popular beach destination or visiting other parts of the country, such as the capital, Bangkok, or one of the southern islands. It should be noted that any travel and holiday activities should be done before surgery, as you'll need to take things considerably easier after your nose job (before you fly home). 

Thailand is not only a top tourist venue but is also a reliable and well-traveled medical tourism destination. It offers excellent medical facilities that rival the best in the world, well-qualified doctors who have been certified in some of the top medical institutes in the world. In Pattaya, you have a great choice of clinics and hospitals that are state-of-the-art and adhere to international health and safety regulations.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

When looking at cosmetic treatment in a foreign country—one that's potentially thousands of miles away—you may well be apprehensive about paying in advance or confirming your booking without knowing more about the clinic and staff. 

Booking through a reputed company like Medical Departures helps ensure a rewarding treatment outcome. This is because we thoroughly check all clinics and surgeons before listing them on our site. We make sure that the doctors have the necessary accreditations, that the staff is able to communicate in English and that the facilities in the clinic meet our standards. We also publish authenticated patient reviews, photos and price comparisons, so you can make a fully informed decision for yourself without being duped by false or misleading information.  

How Long Does a Nose Job Take and What Is the Downtime?

As there are varying kinds of rhinoplasties, the time taken by the surgeon will depend on the kind of work your nose requires. On average, a nose job takes two to three hours, though if your nose requires only minor work, you may be out of surgery earlier. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and you may stay overnight in the hospital, although most patients can head back to their lodging the same day.

For a rhinoplasty, a surgeon will use either an open or closed technique; incisions are made on either the outside or inside or the nose, through which he or she will be able to operate and reshape the nose. Read more about what nose job surgery entails here

Regarding your recovery, it is worth bearing in mind that:

  • Your nose will have splints and/or packing to keep it in shape while it is healing.
  • You can expect to be resting for 10 days to two weeks.
  • You should be able to resume work after two to three weeks; by this time it should not be apparent then you had a nose job.
  • The final healing and shape of the nose can take six months to a year. 
  • The scars are hidden so that there will be minimal scarring and this will be mostly invisible.

How Much Can I Save on a Nose Job in Pattaya?

Like the rest of Thailand, Pattaya is a highly affordable destination for cosmetic surgery procedures. For example, a nose job in Australia is priced in the region of AUD 7,000 to AUD 20,000 (depending on the complexity of the work required); in Pattaya, you can expect to pay about AUD 4,000—a saving of 50%-70%.

To get started and see the latest prices on offer, take a look at these two great clinics in Pattaya for nose jobs:

How Do I Get Started?

Browse our Pattaya rhinoplasty clinics, book your appointment quickly and conveniently through our site and take advantage of Medical Departures' best price guarantee. Or if you are ready to book your appointment, you can do so right here any time of the day or night, at no charge to you. Get in touch with our Customer Care Team at any time of day or night to find out more.


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