Rhinoplasty in Greater Seoul Area

The Ultimate Guide to Rhinoplasty in Greater Seoul Area

Get a rhinoplasty in Seoul if you’re looking at affordable ways of getting the nose you want. Don’t be unhappy with the shape or size of your nose – change it!

This is one of the commonest cosmetic procedures in the world and with Medical Departures you can find trustworthy clinics and surgeons with the expertise to help you achieve your desires.

We’d always advise you take a good while to consider surgery to your nose. After all, it is one of the most noticeable things about you, and you want to make sure it is what you want, and more importantly, that you choose the right surgeon.

Why should I get a Rhinoplasty in Seoul?

Medical tourism is big business these days – that is traveling overseas for lower priced medical or surgical care. Some people are under the (mistaken) impression that if you travel abroad that the services are somehow inferior. We can say that this really isn’t the case, and in fact, you are more likely to find that services targeting medical tourists are more likely to be of a higher standard.

This is simply a question of economics, when you think about it. If foreign patients have had a good experience, they are more likely to tell people about it, and people who have heard good things through word of mouth are more likely to try it for themselves. So, as long as services are good, people will come. If they aren’t, they won’t – which is why quality standards remaining high is an important factor.

Seoul is no stranger to plastic surgery – it has been attracting Japanese and Chinese tourists to its clinics for some time. It also does a brisk trade with local patients, as plastic surgery is almost treated as a rite of passage here with young men and women thinking nothing of having corrective surgery to make themselves more attractive.

Compared to Western prices it is considerably cheaper here – and most people can save at least 50% on the cost of a rhinoplasty in Seoul. However, you should always make it your business to do your own research about the clinic and surgeons you are shortlisting. Any kind of surgery requires due consideration, but anything on your face even more so. You can check out international professional organizations, like ISAPS, for further advice. Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of your surgeon’s previous work, or to be put in touch with previous patients. Any surgeon worth their salt will be more than understanding.

At Medical Departures we make the job a little easier for our patients, at least listing important credentials that you can check through in your own time. We do legal and criminal record checks, as well as verifying professional memberships, qualifications and presenting real patient testimonials. We also take the time to visit clinics and publish high definition clinic photos as well as other useful information so you can make your own decision.

How long does a rhinoplasty procedure take, and how long will I need to stay in Seoul?

This isn’t easy to answer as rhinoplasty is specifically tailored to each individual’s requirements. For some the removal of the tissue at the end of the nose may be all that’s required, which is going to take far less time than someone who needs a nose reconstruction or work on the cartilage. Typically, after the procedure, you may need to stay in Seoul for around a week.

What is the recovery time for rhinoplasty?

This is likely to vary, but it is likely that swelling and bruising will be apparent for around a week at least. You will have to be careful not to knock your nose while it is healing, taking things easy and sleeping in an elevated position on your back.

You can start to embark on gentle exercise after 3 weeks but nothing vigorous for at least 6 weeks.

What is the cost of Rhinoplasty in Seoul, compared to Australia?

Rhinoplasty in Seoul costs around 50% less compared to Australia.

What now?

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