5 Reasons to Choose Chiang Mai for a Breast Augmentation


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An increasing number of people, especially from Australia and New Zealand, are traveling to Thailand (especially Chiang Mai) for cosmetic surgery. The Breast augmentation procedure in Chiang Mai is in high demand, particularly due to its lower price as compared to prices in Australia. In the following paragraphs, we lay down 5 major reasons to get your breast augmentation procedure in Chiang Mai.

#5 Save Thousands of Dollars

The average cost of breast augmentation in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $16,500 and NZD $18,200, whereas in Chiang Mai, it is AUD $7,095 and NZD $7,800. This is a 57% price reduction as compared to the costs in your home country. Since breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure, it usually isn’t covered by insurance. So you are better off getting this procedure in Thailand instead of in your home country. Even after factoring in travel expenses, you will still be saving thousands of dollars.


#4 Recover in a Great Place

Breast augmentation is a procedure that requires some recuperation. Your surgeon will advise you to rest for a few days and avoid any strenuous work. Chiang Mai is a great place for recovering and relaxing. Local resorts with their luxurious rooms and soothing pools are ideal for medical tourists recovering from surgery.

#3 Short Waiting Times Speed Up the Procedure

Hospital waiting times can be notoriously long in countries like Australia. However, in Chiang Mai, waiting times are significantly shorter. You can get your physical examinations on the day you are admitted for surgery. Of course, this entails that you have already sent your medical records and details to your clinic in Chiang Mai in advance.

#2 Highly Qualified Surgeons Ensure Safety and Quality of the Procedure

There are many cosmetic surgeons in Thailand that have studied abroad or at least done a part of their training in countries like Australia, US, and Germany. The top surgeons in Chiang Mai are not just qualified but experienced as well. Of course, you should do your research and check whether a potential surgeon is licensed. You should also ask for breast augmentation before and after photos. Chiang Mai offers you the best surgical expertise money can buy, but we always recommend you do your research before booking.

#1 Get a One-of-its-Kind Medical Experience

Finally, clinics and hospitals resemble luxury hotels more than they resemble clinic! Forget the dull tiles and the smell of bleach; you will be fascinated by the interior décor of clinics like Rose Clinic Chiang Mai and Diaa Aesthetic Clinic . As clinics offering beauty treatments, it seems fitting that they have worked on their own aesthetics. In addition, the atmosphere of these clinics is such as to provide you the maximum comfort.

At the end of the day, getting your breast augmentation procedure in Chiang Mai is a decision you will not regret if you head to the right clinic (now you know two of those). Schedule your trip today and get the perfect breasts at the fraction of the cost in Thailand.