5 reasons to get lip fillers in Seoul


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Thin lips can be bad for some, just as much as it can look good for others. But for the former, there are very few options other than a cosmetic procedure; lip tints can only go so far. For those who are considering lip aesthetic enhancements, the answer for you is a procedure for lip filler. Seoul offers quality treatments for such a procedure, so think about having a brief medical excursion on your next holiday.

Why Seoul you ask? We at Medical Departures encourage you to have a peek at some lip filler, before and after, photos. Seoul, as you can see, is more than capable of granting you your dream of a pair of plump, full lips. But to help you understand further, here are five things about Seoul that will make you want to have your lip fillers there!

1. Technology

Seoul is the capital of South Korea, which is one of the world’s most technologically pioneering countries. With their highly technological culture, South Korea provides a contemporary touch on cosmetic enhancements. Equipped with state-of-the-art clinics, and staffed with highly-qualified professionals, Medical Departures guarantees you high-quality and top-notch service and results for your lip filler procedure.

2. Tourism

Besides the technological advances evident in their architecture and urban facilities, Seoul offers a culture relatively untouched by foreign influences. See the ancient, dynastic palaces of South Korea, the temples and their monks, and of course, the beautiful sceneries of the Seoul’s countryside. The landscapes of viridian glades and pewter mountain ranges will leave you breathless with its idyllic beauty; in Seoul, you won’t lack any of that.

3. Quality Clinics

Medical Departures provides you with these three verified clinics that we have thoroughly checked for your lip filler procedure:

It is wise to stick with these clinics we recommend after checking and verifying their credentials such as clinical license, hygiene and qualifications of the staff for your lip filler procedure.

4. Affordability

Affordability and access aren’t compromised in Seoul’s promise of excellent quality. Prices for lip fillers in Seoul are in fact inexpensive compared to the ones in other countries.

Patients can expect to pay around 30% of the price charged for fillers in most Western countries. Medical Departures offer patients our best price guarantee to ensure they pay the lowest price for quality treatments.

What are Lip Fillers again?

The lip filler procedure is a recent advancement in the field of non-invasive procedures of lip augmentations. It is generally a substance injected into the lips to provide volume and shape to the lips. Brands like Juvederm or Restylane are popular choices when it comes to lip fillers. Unlike the surgical counterparts of the lip filler, the lip filler procedure requires very little down time for the process, as well as the recovery.

Are you ready to have a medical vacation and reshape those thin lips? Augment them with the best lip filler Seoul has to offer. Have your plump, thin lips without the tedious surgical procedure and book now through Medical Departures!


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