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If You Want Eyelid Surgery: Review Indonesia and Its Emerging Medical Tourism Scene

Blepharoplasty, popularly known as eyelid surgery has functional benefits but sometimes it’s also performed for cosmetic purposes. If you live in Australia or New Zealand and want to get eyelid surgery, review Indonesia and its growing medical tourism sector. Asia is still the undisputed leader when it comes to medical and dental tourism, and now Indonesia is also stepping up its gaming. Along with cost savings, getting eyelid surgery in Indonesia offers you several advantages.


An eyelid surgery can reduce the lines around the outer corners and the lower lid of your eye and thus remove early signs of aging. Moreover, baggy areas below the eye can also be eliminated during the surgery. The functional benefit is of course improved vision. Overall, this procedure can give a refreshed appearance to your face. You can learn more about the effects of surgery using eyelid surgery before and after pictures.

Cheap Eyelid Surgery in Indonesia

The main benefit of medical tourism in Indonesia is that Aussies and Kiwis can save significantly on procedures such as eyelid surgery. The average eyelid surgery price in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $8375 and NZD $8985 respectively. However, costs in Indonesia start from only AUD $992 and NZD $1064.


You can also get double eyelid surgery, which costs around AUD $5500 and NZD $5886 in the aforementioned countries, but in Indonesia you can get the same procedure for as low as AUD $943 and NZD $1000.


Potentially, you can save 50% to 75% on any major procedure in Indonesia, cosmetic or otherwise.

High-Quality Procedures

While you are paying dirt cheap prices, the quality of the procedure will not be compromised. Clinics in Indonesia are modern facilities which are designed for your maximum comfort and privacy. But it costs much less to run them than the clinics in Australia and New Zealand. The best surgeons are at your disposal for any given procedure. The most well-known eyelid surgery clinic in Indonesia is Rejuvie Aesthetic & Anti Aging. You can read more about this hospital here at Medical Departures, a great resource for reading an eyelid surgery review or two.

Enhancing the Cosmetic Benefits of Eyelid Surgery in Indonesia

The cosmetic benefits of this procedure can be maximized if you add other treatments in the mix, such as chemical peels. The lines and even dark circles around the eyes can be removed more effectively in this manner. The benefit of taking a medical trip to Indonesia is that not only are these treatments cheaper than in your country, but you can book an appointment without wasting any time. So you are not only saving your money, but also your time. Thanks to Medical Departures, it doesn’t have to be a hassle.


When you are discussing surgery options with your surgeon in Indonesia, you can ask for additional treatments as well and they can be arranged for you in no time. This also makes it easy for you to plan your trip.


All in all, if you are seeking a great place for eyelid surgery, review Indonesia and its cosmetic surgery infrastructure to find the best medical tourism packages.

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