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If you are actively considering breast augmentation you may have already checked out breast augmentation before and after photos. Guadalajara has top-quality medical facilities and affordable rates for breast augmentation. So, you can have this surgery without having to spend exorbitantly. With small and boyish breasts, or breasts that have lost volume over the years, you may not be feeling confident and may not be able to wear the clothes that you want. Breast augmentation surgery will give you bigger and natural looking breasts that you want.

Why consider Guadalajara?

Guadalajara is in Mexico and you will find high-end medical facilities at this destination. The plastic surgeons here are well-qualified and experienced with many having have either studied in western countries, are members of international associations – or both – so you are safe in their hands. In fact, there are medical centers in Mexico that are JCI certified as well. You can also check breast augmentation reviews – Guadalajara will be a popular medical tourism destination.

Mexico hosts large numbers of medical tourists thanks to the affordable rates and its proximity to the U.S. and Canada. From some states it is also accessible via road, and from others it is only a short flight away. You can go to Guadalajara, have your surgery and even spend time recuperating in the moderate climate of this region. With reasonably-priced hotels, you can stay on-the-cheap if you want.

Some of the top medical facilities in Guadalajara

If you have any apprehensions about going to Mexico for plastic surgery, you can set these at rest. Mexico attracts medical tourists primarily because of its low priced but high quality medical centers. For great safety, it is best to book via Medical Departures. That is because we verify the antecedents of the clinics and check the qualifications of the doctors. We even offer the best price guarantee so that you don’t pay more. Among the quality-checked Guadalajara clinics listed on our site are:

Jenny Bracamontes Blanco – she works out of Innovare Cirugia Plastica in Zapopan, Guadalajara and is a highly qualified plastic surgeon that does all kinds of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. The clinic offers surgeries as well as spa treatments of different kinds.

  • Dr Juan David Florez Lopez – the doctor is board certified and is also a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He performs all kinds of plastic and reconstructive surgeries and minimally and non-invasive cosmetic treatments.


What is the cost of breast augmentation in Guadalajara?


The cost of breast augmentation will vary and depend on the kind of procedure you want, the size and shape of implants and other factors. However, the rates in Guadalajara are much less than the prices prevailing in your home country where you can pay an average of US$11,500 (AUD15,300, NZD16,620, £8,897, €10,556, CAD15,777).


In Guadalajara you would pay an average of around US$3,500 (AUD4,357, NZD4,765, £2,589, €2,916, CAD4,296). The cost of travel, stay and other expenses is more than covered by this price benefit.


Go through the breast augmentation before and after photos in Guadalajara and book via Medical Departures at the clinic of your choice for this procedure.

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