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Does your upper arm have sagging skin? Have you lost a lot of weight and now your skin hangs loose from your bicep? Has age caused your skin to start hang away from arm? Do you feel like your arm looks like it’s a “bat wing?” If so, you could use an arm lift to make you look and feel 20 years younger.

A big concern with individuals that are candidates for arm lifts is that they can be extremely expensive. A great solution to this problem is for a patient to become a medical tourist for his or her plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedure needs.

For instance, in the United States an arm lift is regularly priced at more than $5,500 US Dollars, in Australia they are priced at $6,967 AUS Dollars, and in Europe an arm lift is priced at more than €4,688 Euros. However, a medical tourist can go to the top clinic in the tropical beach destination of Pattaya, Thailand, and can get an arm lift price at around 30% less than the person will pay at home. Specifically, at Vplast Clinic, one of Pattaya’s top plastic surgery clinics , a medical tourist can get an arm lift from one of the best plastic surgeons in Southeast Asia for around 30% less than he or she would pay at home, and also get a tropical beach vacation at the same time.

Take a look at the following review of Pattaya’s top arm lift clinic, and you will see that being a medical tourist in Thailand is a great way to get top quality medical care, while saving money, and getting a tropical beach vacation.


Vplast Clinic

Founded in the year 2001, the Vplast Clinic has been providing medical tourists with top-quality, low-priced plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures for the last 16 years. Dr. Pichansak Bunmas leads the clinic that has more than 30 physicians, nurses, and support staff to ensure that patients get customized treatments that help them achieve their body image goals.

If patients choose to do so, they can stay on site in one of the Vplast Clinic’s 20 luxurious hybrid hotel and hospital rooms. The clinic itself is centrally located close to all of Pattaya’s prime attractions, including, top golf courses, the Elephant Village, Nong Nooch tropical botanical gardens, the beach, and the temple the Sanctuary of Truth. In addition, the Vplast Clinic offers extremely convenient hours for patients to get treatments and plastic surgeries. The clinic is open from 9AM to 9PM 7 days week.

Moreover, at the Vplast Clinic, Dr. Pichnsak Bunmas or one of the other top plastic surgeons at the clinic will perform an arm lift on a medical tourist patient for the low price of no more than 135,000 Thai Baht, which is only $4,062 US Dollars, $5,150, and 3,463 Euros.

As you can see from this review medical tourists get the best of both worlds, top quality medical care at low prices at the Vplast Clinic. Pattaya also offers an additional benefit of being one of the top tropical travel destinations in Southeast Asia. Vplast Clinic, and Pattaya are the right place for you to become a medical tourist, don’t wait, come see today!

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