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Find cosmetic surgery costs prohibitive? Learning about a breast lift Bangkok cost will be welcome news if you desire to get a breast lift done and cannot find the money for it. If your breasts are sagging and drooping for any reason whatsoever and you want your youthful looking and perky breasts back then a breast lift in Bangkok is a viable option.


Cost of breast lift in Bangkok


A comparison of costs of breast lift surgery in different countries with the cost in Bangkok will make you realize how affordable it is. In Australia this surgery can average at around AU$15,800 (NZD17,031, £9,100, €10,747, CAD16,063, US$11,703) which is a large sum of money, considering that insurance does not cover the cost of any plastic surgery procedure.


However, in Bangkok you can get this done cheaply and save up to 67 percent of the cost. In this city you can pay an average of AU$15,800 (NZD5,241, £2,800, €3,306, CAD4,942, US$3,600).


Does cheap surgery translate into shoddy work?


If you are willing to travel you may end up paying only around one-third the price for cheap breast lift. Bangkok is a great medical tourism destination and you travel only for a few hours to reach if you are traveling from Australia or New Zealand. However, people go to Bangkok from all parts of the globe for travel and tourism and also to get cheap cosmetic work done.


Plastic surgery in Bangkok is popular among international patients, given the affordability when compared to prices at home, and the excellent quality.


With over 54 JCI accredited hospitals in Thailand, the quality of medical care in this hospitable country cannot be faulted. Many of the top clinics and hospitals are of world class standards and the care and facilities often surpass those available in your home country. Forget about shoddy work, most clinics use advanced technology that is of an international standard.


As for the quality of care, the Thai are warm and hospitable and you will find that the doctors are equally caring and compassionate. Many have done their training in the U.S. and other western countries and may even be board certified, so you need have no qualms about the qualifications of the doctors.


But will the travel not add to the cost of the surgery?


You may be surprised to learn that travel costs minimally increase the cost of the surgery. You can often get cheap flights to Bangkok, thanks to the large number of airlines that stop at the international airport and you may also get a low cost carrier, cutting your expenses even further.


And unless you want a top-of-the-line luxury suite in a five star hotel or want to splurge on other expenses, you can find good-quality star hotels at very reasonable rates. You can also cut costs by staying at budget hotels. Often hospitals and medical centers have tie-ups with hotels at different price points so you can get a package deal that will work out even cheaper.


A breast lift Bangkok cost is so attractive that you should not hesitate to travel to Thailand for this surgery - and don’t forget that if you book with Medical Departures you can take advantage of our guaranteed best prices. When you have healed, you will wonder why you waited so long.

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