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When you live in California, with its moderate weather and sunshine, you are bound to go sleeveless, bare-legged, and flaunt your body in swimming pools and beaches. If hair on the arms, legs, and other areas bother you, an affordable hair removal price in Tijuana beckons.

Modern hair removal techniques

Benefit from the modern hair removal techniques in Tijuana . You are fighting a losing battle by using temporary methods of hair removal like razors and creams that give quick results, but must be frequent, or by spending time and money waxing and threading at beauty salons that give longer lasting results. After all, the hair will grow back and you have to repeat the process.

Instead, opt for laser hair removal. This FDA approved method provides significant hair reduction. It uses different kinds of lasers to damage the hair follicles so the hair does not grow back. The type of laser used for your unwanted hair will depend on the color of your skin and the color of your hair. Look at the hair removal before and after photos – Tijuana will show up as a popular and easy to access destination for this procedure.

After your treatments are over, you can get hair removal done for your arms, legs, underarms, bikini area and other parts of your body and be relatively hair free. For effective results, you may need six or more separate treatments. Maintenance treatments every few months for any fine hair that is left might be necessary.


Top hair removal clinics in Tijuana

Many hair removal clinics in Tijuana are listed on the website of Medical Departures. These clinics have been quality-checked by us, the qualifications and experience of the doctors have been confirmed, and we provide the best price guarantee. You are a lot safer when you book through us.

One of the clinics that does hair removal of different sorts including laser hair removal is Clinica Terranova . Located in the fashionable area of Zona Rio, it is easy to access. It has state of the art equipment, uses modern devices and the doctors are highly experienced.

What is the price of hair removal in Tijuana?

The hair removal cost will vary and depend on the areas to be treated. Full arms and legs will cost more than the upper lip or underarms. It will be more expensive if you get the full body done. In a western country like the U.S. you would pay an average of US$230 (CAD288, £175, €193, AUD289, NZD309) per sitting. The cost for the same in Tijuana would be US$75 (CAD94, £56, €63, AUD94, NZD101).

The affordable price of hair removal in Tijuana is tempting enough to simply go there and eliminate your unwanted hair problems. Adapt the modern hair removal methods and confirm your appointment via Medical Departures today.

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