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The next time you’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand, think about getting hair removal there. While the price isn’t enough to justify a special trip to Thailand, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to get it done if you’re already in Chiang Mai. You’ll get the best combination of cost and quality. There’s just the matter of choosing the right clinic. So if you need hair removal, review Chiang Mai ’s top 3 clinics for this procedure.

We’ll outline the clinics and provide the prices for hair removal these clinics charge. To compare the hair removal price Chiang Mai offers, keep in mind that the procedure costs USD $200 in the US and CAD $257 in Canada.

Rose Clinic Chiang Mai

This is a modern clinic that is well known for its cosmetic procedures. It also offers some unique procedures such as stem cells. A lot of tourists also visit this place for smaller procedures such as Botox and hair removal. Committed to providing the best results, Rose Clinic has a policy of not allowing solo procedures; every lab procedure is done with at least one colleague overseeing it to avoid errors.

Hair removal here costs USD $203 / CAD $260

Pan Clinic

The first branch of this now renowned clinic opened in Bangkok back in 1983. With over 30 years of experience under their belt, Pan Clinic offers its patients a complete peace of mind for a variety of procedures including hair removal. The majority of procedures are done under the supervision of an experienced doctor.

Hair removal here costs USD $171 / CAD $219

DIAA Aesthetic Clinic

DIAA Aesthetic is a state-of-the-art clinic that offers the best services to help patients look and feel their best. From smaller procedures such as hair removal to more complex ones, you can count on this clinic to improve your beauty in one way or the other. In addition, there’s an exciting market area in the vicinity. So after you get a flawless hair removal treatment you can head out to explore the market and enjoy some retail therapy!

Hair removal here costs USD $85 / CAD $109

Since it costs much less to run a clinic in Thailand than it does in the US or Canada, you get to enjoy the lower prices you saw above. As for the quality, you can rest assured that the clinics listed at Medical Departures are selected after a thorough screening process. So you’re not settling for a low quality hair removal service just to save money. Plus, you’ll get an excellent hair removal service that’s done by a very hospitable staff.

So the next time you’re there and need hair removal, review Chiang Mai’s clinics. Feel free to call them up and see which one you feel most comfortable visiting. You can return home looking and feeling even better as you get rid of unwanted hair while spending much less.


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