How much can tourists save on breast reduction surgery in Bali?


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When we think about getting cosmetic treatments, unless you are extremely wealthy, the bank balance will take a huge hit. The smart people look further afield for treatments such as breast reduction surgery. Bali in Indonesia might seem like a long distance to travel for treatments, but you can literally save thousands of dollars by visiting SE-Asia for your cosmetic treatments.

Is Bali a Viable Medical Tourism Destination?

Now you are online researching about the best options for breast reduction surgery Bali can offer an international patient such as yourself, it is important to cut to the chase and ask the most important question: is Bali a viable medical tourism destination?

If we talk in terms of affordability, then most definitely YES! When you are looking for an affordable option for breast reduction cost, Bali is almost 60% cheaper than in the USA, Australia, New Zealand or anywhere in Northern Europe.

Not only are the costs at hospitals in Bali so cheap, but general pricing across the board offers immense value. Bali is a tropical paradise island that attracts millions of tourists each year, which means it has solid infrastructure to deal with a heavy influx of foreign travelers. From world-class resorts and top-notch eateries to world-class shopping centers and impressive tourists attractions, everything Bali-related is geared to dealing with visitors such as yourself.

Are Bali Clinics Reliable?

Cheap prices are one thing, but that usually implies inferior quality. If you are wondering about the quality of clinics for breast reduction surgery Bali can offer you, there is no need to worry. If you know about the medical tourism scene in Bali, you will already know that the most prestigious clinics in Bali for breast reduction have the same high standards as back home in the West.

If you are still concerned about quality, we would suggest that you book your treatments at a reputable 5-star medical facility in Bali such as the BIMC Hospital . This facility is more like a luxury hotel than a hospital and knows how to deal with high-end clients from across the globe.

Breast Reduction Prices in Bali

Now we have come to understand that the breast reduction cost Bali clinics charge is dramatically cheaper than in the West, it’s time to find out exactly how much cheaper so you are armed with the truth. Here is an example of the prices you can expect to pay for your breast reduction in Bali: US $ 5,000 (CAN $6,360; UK £3,855; Euro €4,248; Aus $6,354; NZ $6,841), compared to the prices in the US $ 12,500 (CAN $15,673; UK £9,621; Euro €10,765; Aus $18,000; NZ $19,271).

Indonesia is a top option for those looking to save thousands of dollars on their breast reduction surgery. Bali is the nation’s most popular destination for medical and cosmetic treatments, merging low-costs and the ultimate holiday atmosphere.

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