Is Bali, Indonesia a good destination for anti-aging treatments?


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Without any doubt, a big YES! If you’re thinking of rejuvenating yourself into your former youth during an idyllic, memorable vacation, Indonesia is indeed the perfect place for you. With their affordable anti-aging treatment costs, Indonesia can provide you with a holiday where you’ll find yourself wandering the cities and islands of Indonesia, feeling the youth you thought was gone for good.

How is this possible, you ask? Why, because you’d be with us, the Medical Departures team, to guide you through your holiday and treatments in Indonesia.

Quality and security only with Medical Departures

You may find yourself wondering if you can trust these clinics that you know nothing about—and it’s right to do so, since you are, after all, visiting a foreign country. So for assurance of quality, security and affordability go with the clinics that we recommend for your anti-aging treatment.


These clinics are certified to be secure, and of high quality, having undergone meticulous background screening tests by our Medical Departures team. Each clinic has been cleared for proper hygiene practices, updated facilities and equipment, and of course, security and safety of their procedures. To know about past results, you can skim through clinics’ page and read an anti-age treatment review. Indonesia clinics that we recommend are guaranteed to provide you a relaxed, stress-free anti-aging treatment.

The anti-aging treatment

Anti-aging treatments are certain procedures that aim to rejuvenate your skin, making you look younger. They banish the visibility of age on your skin. Anti-aging treatments may be non-surgical, like Botox, an injectable procedure involving a repurposed neurotoxin, and dermal fillers, which are substances that provide volume on your face. Surgical anti-aging treatments like a facelift involve incisions on your skin to pull and tighten undesirable sagging skin.

Affordability of medical care in Indonesia

With the clinics that we recommend in Indonesia, you’ll be able to afford anti-aging treatments that are otherwise inaccessible from your home countries. The anti-aging treatments in Indonesia, you’ll find, cost so little that you’ll question of they are real or not. But make no mistake—the clinics in Indonesia are just as top-quality as the ones at home.







$ 939.00

$ 1,311.00

$ 1,179.00


$ 288.00

$ 421.00

$ 379.00








$ 15.00

$ 21.00

$ 20.00



$ 6.00

$ 8.76

$ 7.90







Promotions from Medical Departures recommended clinics!

Medical Departures are currently offering a number of exclusive promotions at the above recommended clinics such as:

Rejuvie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging

BIMC Hospital Nusa (Medical)

Manika Aesthetic Clinic

The following promotions are available in ALL three clinics!

These promotional discounts will help you save money even further in your holiday in Indonesia so make sure to avail them in their corresponding clinics!

So are you convinced now with the affordability and the promised quality of Indonesia’s anti-aging treatment cost? Indonesia, along with Medical Departures, will make sure you will have the time of your life in your holiday—so come and book with us now!

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