Is chin augmentation in Chiang Mai recommended?


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Are you looking for chin augmentation? Chiang Mai is a viable option. Thailand is a fast growing medical tourism destination thanks to the many holiday spots there and the great quality of medical infrastructure that has developed because of many government initiatives. It also has innumerable hotels and other entertainment options that have come up to cater to the large numbers of medical tourists that visit the country. And with the low prices prevailing, it gets even more popular. You can combine a holiday in Chiang Mai along with affordable chin augmentation.

Ways of chin augmentation

If you have weak or receding chin, you come across as a weak willed person. A strong chin immediately increases your self confidence and adds to your personality. Chin augmentation, medically called mentoplasty, can be done in two ways. A minimally invasive treatment is by way of dermal fillers. These are injections that add volume to the chin and different dermal fillers have been FDA approved for this treatment.

For surgical chin augmentation, the procedure is a bit more invasive. Implants are put in the chin to increase the size and enhance the appearance. These are inserted either from under the chin or from inside the mouth. Silicone implants are used and these give relatively permanent results. Chin augmentation in Chiang Mai will give you a stronger looking chin.

Recommended chin augmentation clinics in Chiang Mai

When you go to a foreign country for any cosmetic surgery or treatment, it is best to put your research in place, read all the chin augmentation reviews and check up on the clinics and doctors that you can go to for this procedure. Or you can cut your research time short and book via Medical Departures at a recommended chin augmentation clinic. We verify that the clinics offer high quality treatment, have great amenities and the doctors are highly qualified and experienced. We also offer the best price guarantee. Among the MD recommended clinics are:

Rose Clinic Chiang Mai - this highly modern clinic offers a range of beauty treatments and specializes in non-surgical enhancements.

Machita Clinic - the clinic offers a wide array of beauty treatments to enhance your face, skin and figure. It offers high quality services at a reasonable price.

Diaa Aesthetic Clinic – this clinic offers all kinds of aesthetic treatments using minimally invasive and non invasive techniques. It has a range of high tech machines and devices that make the work easier and better.

You can book at any clinic of your choice via Medical Departures.


Are the chin augmentation prices in Chiang Mai affordable?

If you get chin augmentation done via implants, the procedure will cost you AUD 9,087 (NZD9,480 £5,337, €6,089, US$6,905, CAD8,955) in your own country. In Chiang Mai, it may cost an average of AUD 1,235 (NZD1,288, £725, €827, US$938, CAD1,217), so you have significant savings. .

Book through Medical Departures for your chin augmentation in Chiang Mai and go back home looking and feeling better.

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