Is it Advisable to Get a Breast Revision in Mexico?


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For a top-class and affordable breast revision procedure, Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular destination for North Americans seeking this important corrective surgery . You will see in this Medical Departures review that the cheapest breast revision in Mexico is just one of the few things that make the country great for medical tourism.

What Does Mexico Have to Offer?

Where do we start? Numerous monuments and historic structures to marvel at; beautiful landscapes and astounding mountain ranges; incredible food; and, of course, some of the most breathtaking coastlines in the world . Known for its beautiful white-sanded beaches, warm weather and crystal-blue waters, Mexico is champion when it comes to tourism. With its budget-friendly cosmetic and medical services, it’s no wonder why Mexico also makes such a popular destination for medical tourists!

When Are Breast Revisions Required?

Breast revisions are a popular surgical procedure performed in order to correct the shape, size or address a medical complication that has arisen from previous breast enhancement surgery. It may be because of a leak in the implants, making your breasts suddenly uneven in size. A loose, ill-positioned implant is yet another nightmare. Or maybe the size doesn’t agree with you anymore; your preferences may have changed—going bigger might seem more enticing now, or smaller ones more convenient.


What Happens During a Breast Revision?

During a breast revision, the procedure tends to depend on the situation presented, but generally, the scars from the previous surgery are reopened and the changes that are required are performed by the surgeon .

Implants may be replaced for leaking implants; for bigger implant replacements, the previous incisions may be widened for proper positioning of the larger implant. If the existing implants simply need to be repositioned, incisions are again manipulated as well as some breast tissues for the surgeon to form a proper breast formation.

How Much Do Breast Revisions Cost?

With its affordable breast revision price, Mexico offers a winning combination of quality medical care and the chance to enjoy an amazing vacation - before your surgery, that is. The average rate of breast revisions can be seen in the table below.


























A Top Medical Departures Recommended Clinic

Dr. Nain Maldonado offers top-quality cosmetic procedures, such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, breast surgery and tummy tuck. With their highly-trained personnel and elite surgeons, each specializing in their own fields, this facility is one of Mexico’s most reliable. Services also include non-surgical procedures such as dermabrasion, scar removal, botox, stretch marks and tattoos removal, laser hair removal, cellulite removal, extensive facials, and facial treatments.

Getting Started

The cheapest breast revision in Mexico means that you can get this much-needed surgery for a price that won’t break the bank - especially in comparison to clinics in North America providing the same quality of care. Book now through Medical Departures or speak to our Customer Care Team to learn more.


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