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The latest innovations in face lift technology are not only changing the face (excuse the pun) of the cosmetic medical world as we know it, but are more accessible than ever before. There are so many options in this day and age, but as always, it is important to know what suits your specifications and requirements. One of the newest and most popular procedures is a Thread Face Lift. Do you need help getting a Thread Face Lift? Bali offers a range of options to suit your budget and requirements.


What is a Thread Face Lift and Why Do You Need One?

Known as the “most discreet and non-invasive face lift procedure” in the world, a Thread Face lift is the perfect alternative to traditional facelift practices. Not only is it convenient, and can be performed in one of two hours, routinely without anesthetic, but is also extremely affordable and beneficial, bringing new definition to your face. It is, also a non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery. Bali is the ideal destination for these type of treatments, many of which have origins in traditional medicine.


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One of the fastest-growing sectors in the world is global medical tourism, and one of fastest-growing regions for medical tourism holidays in Asia is Bali, Indonesia. BIMC Hospital is located in the heart of the ever-beautiful Bali at Denpasar, offering world-class facilities, and is a hub in Asia for Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology.


Known as the premier hospital in Indonesia to achieve accreditation from the Australian Council Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI), the facility has been in operation for almost 20-years and is unrivalled in terms of expertise and specialists in the cosmetic surgery world.


When you seek the best thread-lifting technique, a Thread Face Lift BIMC-style is the only path to take in terms of reliability, safety standards and quality.


A Thread Face Lift BIMC – style, is ideally for those who seek a way to combat early signs of ageing, minor face-sagging and to address the tissue underneath the cheek and jaw-line. The practitioner will insert wafer thin threads via tiny incisions in the targeted areas, which will almost-instantaneously be raised, which will tighten the skin and eliminate sagging, creating a more defined and rejuvenated cheek and jaw-line.


Will the threads show and create aesthetic blemishes? No, not at all. After the threads have knotted, they will hide within the skin, and any signs of scarring will be almost invisible to the naked eye.


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There are many things to take into consideration before you get your Thread Face lift in Bali, such as does the structure of your face need such a procedure? Is this the right cosmetic treatment for you? And, understanding the varying levels of Thread Face Lift Cost Bali.


BIMC has a vast network of experts online and onsite for consultation to see if your requirements fit with this procedure. Not only will they give you the best impartial advice regarding a Thread Face Lift in Bali, but will also assimilate the facts and give you free quote for Thread Facelift Cost Bali, so you will fully understand exactly how the procedure will go down and how much it will cost.


Please contact Medical Departures directly for your free quote for a Thread Face Lift in Bali and change the face of your life forever.

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