Phuket is best place for Eyelid Surgery


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Eyes often show signs of ageing faster than your face – they get puffy and you can easily get crow’s feet around the eyes. In Phuket, eyelid surgery can reverse these signs of ageing. You can opt for lower eyelid surgery or upper eyelid surgery or get the full area treated.

Why is Phuket a great place of eyelid surgery?

Phuket in Thailand is a beach place, favored by holidaymakers from all over the globe. It has a warm and tropical climate and is easily accessible thanks to its international airport that is serviced by major airlines - both mainstream and low cost carriers. With rainforests and mountains and surrounded by the Andaman Sea it is a tropical paradise. It is full of seaside resorts, hotels to suit different budgets, spas, restaurants, nightclubs and lounges.
As there are large numbers of tourists who visit Phuket annually, the resort town has developed high quality medical facilities to cater to these tourists. So now it attracts people who want to have a medical holiday – affordable cosmetic surgery combined with all the benefits of a vacation. If you get your major activities in before the surgery, you can recuperate in great surroundings and still enjoy your time there. In Phuket, eyelid surgery is available at an affordable price.

In Phuket this surgery will cost you around AU$1,676 ((NZD1,812, £961, €1,120, CAD1,696, US$1,250) as compared to AU$8,400 ((NZD9,079, £4,810, €5,610, CAD8,496, US$6,255) you would pay your home country, a significant price difference.

Eyelid surgery in Phuket

Fat that collects in both the upper and lower eyelids gives your eyes a puffy and ageing appearance. Eye bags that form under the eyes also contribute to your tired looking facial appearance. Eyelid surgery is done to remove the fat and tighten the skin. It can even improve the contours of the eyes.

The incisions and scars are kept in the normal creases so that they are virtually invisible. You will need to take care for a few days after surgery as your eyes may be red and swollen. It can take a few weeks for complete healing.


Which eyelid surgery is best for you?

If you have problems areas on the lower eyelid or the upper eyelid alone, you can get either one treated. You can check with your eye doctor as to which procedure will be right for your cosmetic problems and also have realistic expectations regarding the outcomes. Both lower eyelid surgery Phuket and upper eyelid surgery Phuket can be done singly or together by experienced plastic surgeons in this beautiful resort town.

You can also opt for other cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery in Phuket at the same time as rates are so affordable. So while you may not need a facelift or other major surgery, you can get fillers and botox done if required, so that you have a younger and fresher looking appearance.
If you are considering this surgery, then don’t delay. Do your booking for Phuket eyelid surgery via Medical Departures for a safe surgical experience.

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