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To filter out the high-quality tummy tuck services from the bad, stick by what we from Medical Departures recommend. For your tummy tuck procedure, we’ve screened hospitals and clinics in Phuket able to perform such a procedure and we’ve got the best one down for you:

Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

Medical Departures has verified Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute for qualifications, service quality, hygiene practices, and professional backgrounds for your tummy tuck. Review Phuket medical institutions to see just how this sole clinic stands out! The screening process is a meticulous procedure that enables us to guarantee you the best tummy tuck performing medical institution in Phuket—and with that, we assure you that with Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute you are in more than capable hands.


Second, get ready for paying only 31.9% in Phuket

From the tummy tuck procedure to accommodation, you will have nothing but affordability. The tummy tuck procedure in Phuket is popular for its high-quality results, especially to medical tourists out there who seek more accessible medical care due to the expensiveness of procedures in the countries. In Phuket, you’ll be able to save thousands of money and still get the same high-quality result from any other high-end clinic from your country!


$23,334.00 VERSUS $ 7,436.00 Saving US $15,898.00



$30,393.00 VERSUS $ 9,685.00 Saving AUD $20,708.00



$33.535.00 VERSUS $10,687.00 Saving NZD $22,848.00


Plus, we’ve got these amazing exclusive Medical Departures promotions for you from Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute!

Third, prepare for your procedure

The tummy tuck is a surgical procedure, so make sure to avoid drinking alcohol for a few days prior to surgery, or taking any medication that might complicate the procedure, such as aspirin. The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, involves incisions across the belly to enable the removal of excess fat. Skin is excised as well, as they tend to sag after the fat removal. Incisions may be made by the navel to remove the excess skin and fat on the upper abdomen. The incisions are closed up via sutures or special medical adhesive.

Finally, recover in peace

After you’ve left the clinic in Phuket after your tummy tuck, make sure you book into a hotel, or apartment, you are comfortable with, so you can make the most of your recuperation.

So you’ve got all you need! Avail of the incredibly affordable Tummy Tuck prices in Phuket now with us from Medical Departures!

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