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What do the treatments Cost?

When it comes to affordable cosmetic surgery, Thailand is one of the best destinations in the world. And one of the best clinics in Chiang Mai for affordable cosmetic treatments is Machita Clinic. Cost here is low yet quality is second to none. This clinic has been located conveniently near major tourist attractions in Chiang Mai, offering you the best in medical tourism. In this Machita Clinic review, we’ll discuss the procedures and prices of this excellent clinic. Let’s start with the prices.


Machita Clinic Price List

Here are prices of major cosmetic procedures at this clinic, and they have been compared to prices from Australia and New Zealand:

  • Double eyelids: AUD $936 and NZD $1004 (AUD $5500 and NZD $5962)

  • Chin Augmentation: AUD $749-$936 and NZD $804-$1004 (AUD $9,000 and NZD $9749)

  • Rhinoplasty: AUD $187-374 and NZD $201-401 (AUD $8098 and NZD $8688)

  • Botox: AUD $200 and NZD $215 (AUD $337-$936 and NZD $361-$1004)

  • Liposuction: AUD $374 and NZD $401 (AUD $6648 and NZD $7132)

  • Facelift: AUD $1498 and NZD $1607 (AUD $23904 and NZD $25645)


Machita Clinic: Cosmetic Surgery


Several factors make Machita one of the best clinics for cosmetic surgery in Thailand. It is a state-of-the-art facility with all the equipment and amenities needed for safe and successful cosmetic surgery, and there are facilities for minimally-invasive and non-invasive treatments as well.

At Machita Clinic, you are in good hands. The doctors and nurses are highly trained and qualified, offering the best medical care that you can think of. The doctors have various certifications as well as years of on-the-field experience. They have successfully treated thousands of medical tourists and have developed a great rapport with their international clientele.

The clinic also follows international protocols for health, safety, and hygiene. As a medical tourist, you will feel safe and comfortable at the Machita Clinic. The doctors and nurses speak English, so there will be no language barrier. You can freely discuss your requirements with your doctor during consultation, and he will recommend you the best cosmetic solution for your skin and overall body structure.

Clear communication at the beginning of the treatment goes a long way in achieving great results, and this is the kind of commitment you will see at the Machita Clinic in Chiang Mai.

Machita Clinic Before and After


As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Any surgeon worth his salt will furnish pictures of his previous clients, before and after a cosmetic procedure. So when you consult your physician at the Machita Clinic, do ask for before and after pictures as this will give you evidence of their surgical expertise. Not only that, but these pictures will also help you form realistic expectations about the procedure that you are signing-up for. Realistic expectations are integral for any cosmetic procedure, so make sure you don’t skip this step.

So that’s about it! In addition to the amazing Machita Clinic cost, the clinic is located near all the top tourist spots in Chiang Mai, which helps make your trip cost-effective and thoroughly enjoyable.