Radiate your Inner Beauty through an Arm Lift. Prices in Bangkok for Arm Lift Surgery are Very Affordable.


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An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a typical surgical procedure mainly performed for aesthetic purposes. It is carried out under general anesthesia and usually takes around two hours. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin to firm and tighten the upper arm. People who are considering this medical procedure typically think of the arm lift prices. In Bangkok, an arm lift surgery is offered at a very affordable price.

Why Bangkok, you might ask? The rise of medical tourism in Bangkok creates a lot of interest among foreign patients. Bangkok has received more visitors than most other cities in the world. Why? It is a city of contrasts. Gleaming temples, the well-known tuk-tuk for transportation and taking a trip in a long- tail boat through floating markets are just some of the great experiences that Bangkok offers.

Aside from affordability, Bangkok has some of the best facilities that provide local and international patients with high-quality treatments and services.

Two of the Medical Departures recommended clinics for arm lifts in Bangkok are:

1. Yanhee Hospital is equipped with modern facilities to serve patients daily for both medical and beauty treatments. The facility is a 15-storey building with a capacity of at least 400 beds. Yanhee International Hospital was acknowledged and awarded an ISO 9001.

2. Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre provides quality healthcare services for aesthetic patients. In order to do this, its surgeons and medical staff identify their patients’ basic needs and expectations to provide realistic results and treatments. They strive to continuously improve their skill sets to surpass their patients’ expectations.

Arm lift surgery is an expensive cosmetic procedure in most countries. In Bangkok, nevertheless, this operation is offered at a very competitive price as the price list that our consultants at Medical Departures have prepared clearly shows. These are estimates and may change but you get an idea of how much you can save if you get the treatment in Bangkok.


























What are the advantages of using Medical departures?

Here at Medical Departures we check and verify all the available facilities and only recommend those that meet our stringent requirements. We believe that the best way to ensure successful surgery is to do background checks on the hospitals and their staff. In addition to this, we also offer you medical insurance at a small additional fee, package promotions from time to time on certain facilities and if required assist patients with financing. We also have a help desk to answer questions or concerns and can assist with travel arrangements.

Before travelling abroad most cosmetic patients will want to know the arm lift prices. In Bangkok, patients can achieve their aesthetic desires at a very affordable price. Raise your arms with confidence and do not be afraid to lift them even higher. We want to be part of the story behind your restored beauty and confidence!